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Jan 11 2023

An Argument for Identifying as a Dog

Now that objective reality has been subordinated to moonbattery, you can change your gender. You can change your race. Why not change your species? A Knotty Princess might be able to get back on OnlyFans by declaring herself to be a dog:

A woman who had been posting sexually explicit content to OnlyFans claims she has been banned from the platform after users reported her for bestiality. …

Though she denies that there is “proof” that she has engaged in sex with dogs, several recent tweets posted to her account suggest otherwise. “I have made a decision to come out. … I have been with 6 dogs this past year and only 2 men my entire life,” she wrote on Jan. 2. A few days later, she compared herself favorably to those who go “trophy hunting animals”: “You bring animals deaths , I bring them orgasms. I’m a better alternative.”

A Knotty Princess is only slightly ahead of her time:

Gina Florio of Evie Magazine characterized Knotty Princess’ content as “degenerate in nature” and argued that it comes as a direct result of the American culture’s emphasis on tolerance. “When a society claims that tolerance is the most important characteristic in our culture,” Florio stated, “we will end up tolerating anything,” including bestiality.

By “tolerance,” she means “liberal tolerance,” which often equates to degeneracy. Actual tolerance has been rare since moonbats achieved dominance. Fail to conform to the ideology of the progressive ruling class and you are likely to be canceled. Those belonging to disfavored identity groups are regarded as unworthy to hold opinions.

American Society is catching up with A Knotty Princess:

Content creator @bodittle has interviewed several people at LGBTQ events who have voiced support for bestiality in the name of acceptance. A video posted to his Instagram account in November shows a woman wearing pride-themed attire who claims she began watching porn “at, like, 8 years old” affirming bestiality for those who “want” to participate in it.

Bestiality would be an unsurprising progression from the mainstreaming of homosexuality, if not as inevitable as pedophilia.

“If that’s what you want,” she states tautologically, “then that’s what you want.”

That tautology isn’t much of a jump from the dog-eared Democrat bumper sticker slogan “Love is love.”

A Knotty Princess identifies as “TransCanine,” tweeting the following:

Human men can kiss me feet. I am TransCanine. I can’t have sex with anything that isn’t Canine. It’s actually bestiality for me to have sex with human men.

However, she has admitted that she is not actually a dog:

“Please just remember,” she wrote on Jan. 7. “I lost my job because of you guys. And now you guys got me removed off onlyfans. Just let me have this one thing. I want to have a nice life. Sharing my links with negativity harms me. Just remember, I’m a human too. I have feelings.”

Although identifying as a dog might exculpate her on the bestiality charge, the surest bet is to identify as a victim.

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