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May 30 2024

Met Curator Joins Racial Impostor List

Phoniness is a conspicuous characteristic of the art world, making it a suitable place to look for Pretendians:

Patricia Marroquin Norby was hired with great fanfare in 2020, after what the [Metropolitan Museum of Art] said was “a long and competitive search,” as its “inaugural Associate Curator of Native American Art” in its American Wing.

What exciting times we live in. Another historic first!

For years, Marroquin Norby, 53, described herself — including in legal filings — as “Apache,” “Eastern Apache” and “Nde” as well as “Purepacha/Tarascan,” an indigenous group from the northwestern part of Michoacan, Mexico.

Real Indians are getting fed up with the fakes, which they say include Norby.

“With all of the Native American scholars out there, we really wonder why the museum chose Patricia, who is definitely not Native American,” said Kathy Griffin, a member of the Cherokee Nation who compiled a genealogy of Marroquin Norby’s family that she shared with The Post.

The review of Marroquin Norby’s ancestry compiled by Griffin shows no evidence that any of her parents, grandparents or great-grandparents were enrolled members of a recognized tribe.

A red flag was Norby’s shifting claims regarding her politically sacred ancestry.

The Tribal Alliance Against Frauds tracks fake Indians:

The nonprofit added the genealogical research compiled by Griffin to its website on Saturday.

In light of Marroquin Norby’s disputed ethnicity, this is rich:

In 2010, Marroquin Norby was among a group in Osseo [Wisconsin] who sued the school district to try to force the removal of its “Chieftains” mascot, which depicted a Native American in a headdress.

This is even richer:

In 2013, Marroquin Norby graduated from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with a PhD in American studies for a thesis which analyzed how “European Americans have historically manipulated American Indian images to create a non-American Indian perspective.”

Don’t be too hard on racial imposters. These days you no longer get ahead by working hard, but by whimpering belligerently that your privileged identity group was once oppressed. Those unlikely enough not to be born into such a group may feel they have to fake it.

That’s why the representative Racial Impostor List keeps getting longer. Looks like we can add Patricia Marroquin Norby to the names below:

Margaret Noodin, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Andrea Smith, Kay LeClaire, Elizabeth Hoover, Carrie Bourassa, CV Vitolo-Haddad, Gwen Stefani, Heather Rae, Jessica Krug, Kristen Rosen Gonzalez, Rick Caruso, Kelly Kean Sharp, Rachel Dolezal, Raquel Evita Saraswati, Sacheen Littlefeather, Satchuel Cole, Shaun King, Ward Churchill, Elizabeth Warren.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.

Nov 06 2023

Academic Margaret Noodin Denounced as Racial Impostor

The privileges associated with being marginalized and oppressed are so advantageous that in the realm of unadulterated liberalism that is academia, disfavored Caucasians can’t help themselves. Their ideology is a fraud, so why shouldn’t their racial identity be fraudulent too? More indigenous peoples moonbattery from Milwaukee:

Margaret Noodin, 58, was called a ‘con artist’ after leaving her job as director of the Electa Quinney Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee last year amid growing suspicion about her claims to an indigenous identity.

The linguist posted a ‘positionality statement’ insisting her family told her she had Native American relatives when she was a child.

But fellow academic Doug Kiel of Wisconsin’s Oneida Nation hauled her submissions from an exhibition of indigenous art in Chicago when he read it and denounced her as a fraud.

‘It was really quite rambling babble about, ‘I know a person and I was in a ceremony’,’ he told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, ‘And it’s like, no, no, no, no, this is not how this works at all.’

The way it has to work under a race-based caste system like we now have in the USA is you have to take a DNA test to justify the favoritism bestowed upon preferred races — like with Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren.

As with Warren, a glance at Noodin’s face confirms that she is not an Indian. Also like Warren, she continues to benefit from having portraying herself as one — although in a diminished role for now:

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has begun an investigation into Noodin but she retains a job with the college teaching part-timer online. She did leave her $167,000-a-year role with the university amid the scandal.

Meanwhile she has secured a new post in Minnesota as director of a tribal nation’s Head Start program.

Please welcome Professor Noodle to the long list of racial imposters, which includes Buffy Sainte-Marie, Andrea Smith, Kay LeClaire, Elizabeth Hoover, Carrie Bourassa, CV Vitolo-Haddad, Gwen Stefani, Heather Rae, Jessica Krug, Kristen Rosen Gonzalez, Rick Caruso, Kelly Kean Sharp, Rachel Dolezal, Raquel Evita Saraswati, Sacheen Littlefeather, Satchuel Cole, Shaun King, Ward Churchill, and of course, Elizabeth Warren.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.

Oct 29 2023

Singer Buffy Sainte-Marie Exposed as Racial Imposter

Although the fetishization of non-Caucasians has reached extremes unimaginable only a few years ago, the racial imposter scam has been going on for some time. Folk singer Buffy Sainte-Marie’s career as an Indian began in Greenwich Village back in the early 1960s.

From the early days of her career, Sainte-Marie has claimed to be a Cree woman, born in Canada. She has also allowed herself to be celebrated as an Indigenous icon and success story.

A success story to be sure. The liberal establishment made her a deity.

Her birth certificate indicates she was born not to Cree Indians in Canada but to white parents in Stoneham, Massachusetts — and yet:

Sainte-Marie has been named a companion of the Order of Canada, the country’s highest civilian honour. In addition, her website says she has been awarded honorary doctorates from at least a dozen universities.

Recently, there has been a resurgence of interest in Sainte-Marie. In 2021, she appeared on a Canadian stamp.

Last year, she was the subject of a travelling exhibit featured at Ottawa’s National Arts Centre. She was also the focus of a five-part CBC podcast about her life and legacy and a one-hour concert televised on CBC that celebrated her leadership in Indigenous music.

Now the jig is up:

Late last year, CBC received a tip that Sainte-Marie is not of Cree ancestry but, in fact, has European roots. She is the latest high-profile public figure whose ancestry story has been contradicted by genealogical documentation, including her own birth certificate, historical research and personal accounts — the latest chapter in the complex and growing debate around Indigenous identity in Canada.

Since CBC moonbats consider the issue “complex,” let’s boil it down for them. Stone Age savages were replaced by Europeans. The Europeans were so successful that they eventually became soft and spoiled, so that moonbattery set in. Out of self-hatred, they worship descendants of the savages they displaced. This provides opportunities for racial imposters who wish to enjoy the obsequious favoritism afforded to nonwhites — thereby giving the lie to the liberal dogma that whites are privileged and nonwhites are oppressed.

Watch this Fauxcahontas forerunner lie to the kids on Sesame Street about how real she is back in 1975:

Buffy joins a growing list of racial imposters that also includes Andrea Smith, Kay LeClaire, Elizabeth Hoover, Carrie Bourassa, CV Vitolo-Haddad, Gwen Stefani, Heather Rae, Jessica Krug, Kristen Rosen Gonzalez, Rick Caruso, Kelly Kean Sharp, Rachel Dolezal, Raquel Evita Saraswati, Sacheen Littlefeather, Satchuel Cole, Shaun King, Ward Churchill, and Elizabeth Warren.

On a tip from Steve T.

Sep 08 2023

Ethnic Studies Professor Andrea Smith Is Racial Impostor

Fundamental to liberal orthodoxy is the dogma that Caucasians are somehow “privileged.” We are told we must counter this imaginary privilege by granting to groups that really are privileged even more privilege. Meanwhile, not-so-privileged whites conspire to acquire privilege by pretending to belong to identity groups favored by the liberal establishment. The latest is Andrea Smith, a supposedly Amerindian professor at University of California, Riverside:

The superstar Marxist agitator Angela Davis once called Smith “one of the greatest indigenous feminist intellectuals of our time,” but oh, how the oppressed have fallen. The Times of London reported [last] Tuesday that Smith “has agreed to resign from the university “after complaints from colleagues” over her “fraudulently claiming to be of Native American heritage.”

Smith is an “ethnic studies expert” — that is, she is paid to denounce Caucasians and Western Civilization. Being white herself undermines the contention that whites are the source of all evil.

Even by liberal standards, her hypocrisy is prodigious:

[I]n 1991, Smith had the unmitigated chutzpah to accuse “white women of wanting to ‘become Indian’ so they can ‘escape responsibility and accountability for white racism.’”

At least she didn’t accuse them of doing it so as to get cushy jobs spitting on America from inside the Ivory Tower.

Like her ideology and her treasured nonwhite status, Smith’s resignation is fake. UC Riverside was forced to fire her, but did so as nicely as possible, presumably in consideration of her liberal orthodoxy. Educrats announced that…

“She will step down in August next year and will be able to keep teaching until her retirement.” What’s more, “she will not be subjected to an investigation, will keep her retirement benefits and will retain the title of professor emeritus.” As if that weren’t enough, “the university will cover up to $5,000 of her legal fees related to the complaint.”

Please welcome Professor Smith to the growing list of racial impostors, along with Kay LeClaire, Elizabeth Hoover, Carrie Bourassa, CV Vitolo-Haddad, Gwen Stefani, Heather Rae, Jessica Krug, Kristen Rosen Gonzalez, Rick Caruso, Kelly Kean Sharp, Rachel Dolezal, Raquel Evita Saraswati, Sacheen Littlefeather, Satchuel Cole, Shaun King, and powerful Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren, among others.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Mar 27 2023

Hollywood Producer Heather Rae Is Fake Indian

Everything is fake in Tinseltown, so what better place to look for racial impostors? In 1973, the moonbat Marlon Brando put forward Sacheen Littlefeather in his place to turn down an Academy Award on grounds of cultural Marxism. The stunt got Sacheen blacklisted, but the Academy begged forgiveness for that, and thanked award-winning producer Heather Rae for brokering the apology. Sacheen turned out to be no more Indian than she looks. Now we learn that Rae is a fake Indian too:

Rae, 56, serves on the Academy of Motion Pictures’ Indigenous Alliance, previously headed up the Sundance Institute’s Native American program and claims “my mother was Indian and my father was a cowboy.” Multiple prior news reports have also cited her as having a Cherokee mother.

But a watchdog group called the Tribal Alliance Against Frauds is now demanding the Academy and the producer drop her “false claims” while activists insist she’s at best 1/2048th Cherokee.

Rae’s proof of being an Indian consists of getting a tattoo of the Cherokee corn goddess Selu.

Rae has cited her “Indian” ancestry throughout her successful producing and directing career…

She works as a “narrative change strategist” for IllumiNative, an “unapologetically ambitious and innovative Native women-led” racial and social justice organization which says it works to amplify “contemporary Native voices” while challenging the “invisibility” of Native Americans.

Moonbats have challenged the “invisibility” of Indians by getting the name of the Cleveland Indians changed, by changing the name of prominent Squaw Peak in Phoenix, by erasing the iconic Indian maiden from the Land O’Lakes butter packaging, et cetera.

Unsurprisingly, Rae’s work in Hollyweird highlights her faux Indian identity:

[H]er latest project, “Fancy Dance,” is a drama about a Native American woman who kidnaps her niece from the girl’s white grandparents that premiered at January’s Sundance Film Festival. It was partly funded by the Cherokee Nation.

Even if Rae really is 1/2048th Indian (which appears doubtful), this wouldn’t even qualify her to pow-wow with Elizabeth Warren, who climbed the career ladder as a law professor by pretending to be an Indian and who was found to have as little as 1/1,024th Indian blood.

More genuine Indians can be found standing outside cigar stores, but Rae does have notable ancestry:

On her father’s side, one ancestor arrived from England in Virginia before the Pilgrims.

However, this would not be a source of pride among our woke ruling class. Just ask communist black supremacist Angela Davis, who was horrified to learn she had ancestors on the Mayflower.

On a tip from Jack D.

Mar 22 2023

Open Thread

Being Native American has been part of my story I guess since the day I was born. - Elizabeth Warren

Mar 20 2023

Race-Pandering Katie Hobbs Upstaged by Rachel Dolezal

To grasp how much of a farce it is that left-wing ditz Katie Hobbs is now Governor of Arizona, consider this preposterous spectacle:

On Friday afternoon, Governor Katie Hobbs was joined by a group of black leaders and the former Rachel Dolezal, now Nkechi Amare Diallo, for the signing of an executive order banning racial discrimination based on a person’s hair in Arizona.

Rachel Dolezal is to racial impostors what Jussie Smollett is to hate hoaxers. Born of central European ancestry with blue eyes and straight blonde hair, she managed to become an NAACP chapter president and an instructor in Africana studies at Eastern Washington University before her fraud was revealed, ending her career as a professional black person. Astonishingly, she then doubled down on her tasteless racial impersonation, renaming herself with all the authenticity of Suzy Eddie Izzard.

The executive order will prohibit state agencies, and all new state contracts or subcontracts from discrimination based on hair texture and protective styles, such as braids, locs, twists, knots, and headwraps, in the workplace and in public schools to ensure protection against discrimination based on all race-based hairstyles.

Under our racially tiered justice system, anything that could be construed as “discrimination” against privileged blacks is already illegal. But new laws will accrue anyway, as leftist pols virtue signal their racial obeisance.

Here’s why Hobbs had to make a special show of bending the knee:

It is unknown how Dolezal/Amare Diallo managed to steal center stage from the governor, who has twice been found guilty by juries of discriminating against a black staff member of the Arizona Legislature.

The alleged victim is crybully Talonya Adams, who was fired despite being black. That even hardcore moonbats like Katie Hobbs are denounced for racism proves it is imaginary — unless you count racism against whites.

I didn’t realize Burger King still gives out those crowns.

On a tip from Barry A.

Feb 18 2023

Raquel Evita Saraswati, Racial Impostor

In their rush to check identity boxes, cultural Marxists have been punked by a racial impostor calling herself Raquel Evita Saraswati. The Intercept is incensed:

Members of the American Friends Service Committee, a prominent Quaker organization known for its progressive values and social justice advocacy in the U.S. and abroad, have raised an alarm about a woman holding a leadership position within the organization who they say has misrepresented her ethnic background for years and who they fear may be working on behalf of groups seeking to undermine their organization.

Raquel Evita Saraswati, a Muslim activist who for years has encouraged people to believe that she is a woman of color, including Latina as well as of South Asian and Arab descent, is the AFSC’s chief equity, inclusion, and culture officer, a senior position that gives her access to the files of dozens of the organization’s staff and volunteers. But Saraswati, who was born Rachel Elizabeth Seidel, is not a person of color, according to her mother, Carol Perone.

“I call her Rachel,” Perone told The Intercept…

Saraswati, her mother added, is of British, German, and Italian descent — not Latina, South Asian, or Arab.

At least she appears to have really converted to a conception of Islam. Maybe she really is homosexual too, despite the problem that would present for her in Muslim lands.

Oskar Pierre Castro, a human resources professional who participated in the search committee to fill Sarawati’s position, told The Intercept that she had presented herself as a “queer, Muslim, multiethnic woman.”

Among liberals, this comprises such a complete résumé that no further qualifications would be required.

“It really touched all the points,” said Castro, who works for Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, a Quaker group that frequently partners with the AFSC, and who was involved in the search along with AFSC staff members.

Because Seidel I mean Saraswati used to appear on Fox News and Newsmax in the role of moderate Muslim, moonbats now suspect that she has embedded herself as a spy working on behalf of nefarious conservatives. More likely is that she has discovered how to get the best job possible in a world run by liberals.

“People are concerned,” a member of AFSC’s leadership told The Intercept, requesting anonymity to avoid retaliation. “There’s a fear that she could be an agent, because she started her career right-wing. She was a token Muslim voice in that milieu. She never publicly apologized.”

How could any apology suffice for having appeared on Fox News?

Please welcome “Raquel Evita Saraswati” to the growing list of racial impostors.

On a tip from R F.

Jan 11 2023

Gwen Stefani Identifies as Japanese

If Bruce Jenner is a woman, then pop singer Gwen Stefani is Japanese:

While speaking about her now-controversial Harajuku Lovers fragrance line, which launched in 2008, and frequent use of Japan’s subculture over the years, the singer, 53, raised eyebrows as she repeatedly insisted she was Japanese.

The controversy comes from the sin against political correctness that is cultural appropriation. The rest of the world is entitled to things created by white people — electricity, flight, the Internet, modern agriculture, modern medicine, et cetera. But whites are forbidden to embrace anything that is nonwhite in origin, because according to liberal ideology, white people are racist and therefore bad.

In the past, Stefani has been denounced for wearing dreadlocks, thereby culturally appropriating from blacks.

Despite having no ethnic ties to the country as the daughter of an Italian-American father and Irish-American mother, the performer claimed to identify as part Asian.

A little wackiness is to be expected with entertainers. At least she is less crazy than liberal establishment ideology. She asks:

“[It] should be okay to be inspired by other cultures because if we’re not allowed then that’s dividing people, right?”

It is not okay, because the point of cultural Marxism (a.k.a. political correctness) is to implement a divide and conquer strategy on behalf of the oligarchical collectivist ruling class.

Kudos to Stefani for drawing attention to this, and for choosing a race that generally doesn’t get extra privileges for failing and then wailing about oppression. But she still joins the list of racial imposters for claiming to be Japanese instead of embracing what she really is, even if she probably never meant us to take her literally.

At least looks as Japanese as Rachel Levine looks female.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.

Jan 04 2023

Amerindian Artist Kay LeClaire Is Racial Impostor

As the benefits of being any race but white accrue, there are ever more racial impostors. The latest is faux-Indian crybully and political correctness profiteer Kay LeClaire.

From Madison, Wisconsin:

Early in 2020, an Indigenous artist urged the owners of a new music venue in town to change its name.

It was called The Winnebago, after the street on which it stands. Many Indigenous people and allies let the owners know that wasn’t the best name for a white-owned music venue. One of them was nibiiwakamigkwe, also known as Kay LeClaire, a founding member and co-owner of the queer Indigenous artists’ collective giige, and budding leader of Madison’s Indigenous arts community.

It took several months, but the venue eventually relented and rebranded as The Burr Oak.

Even the Cleveland Indians caved in the end.

Background on LeClaire:

Since at least 2017, Kay LeClaire has claimed Métis, Oneida, Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee, Cuban and Jewish heritage. Additionally, [she identifies] as “two-spirit,” a term many Indigenous people use to describe a non-binary gender identity.

Not being a regular American has been remunerative:

In addition to becoming a member and co-owner of giige, LeClaire earned several artists’ stipends, a paid residency at the University of Wisconsin, a place on the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Task Force and many speaking gigs and art exhibitions, not to mention a platform and trust of a community – all based on an ethnic identity that appears to have been fully fabricated.

She has basically confessed:

“I am not using the Ojibwe name given to me and am removing myself from all community spaces, positions, projects, and grants and will not seek new ones. Any culturally related items I hold are being redistributed back in community, either to the original makers and gift-givers when possible or elsewhere as determined by community members.”

Not good enough. They ought to make her walk through moonbatty Madison wearing KKK robes.

But then, you can hardly blame her for not wanting to be white in a society under the thumb of progressives, who hold that virtue consists mainly of not being white. Merit has been rejected. The only avenue for advancement is membership in an identity group that enjoys the privilege of being regarded as “oppressed.”

People are now encouraged from early childhood to identify as a different gender. Why can’t Kay LeClaire identify as a different race?

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.

Dec 06 2022

Berkeley Prof Elizabeth Hoover Admits She Isn’t an Indian

Academia is a great place to look for new inductees into the Racial Impostors Hall of Shame. The latest is Elizabeth Hoover, an Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management at prestigious University of California, Berkeley, who turns out not to be an Indian:

Hoover is “one of 11 self-identified Native American/Alaska Native ladder-rank faculty members at Berkeley,” according to the Berkeley News.

For decades, Professor Hoover has attributed her Native American heritage to being part of both the Mohawk and Mi’kmaq Indian tribes.

But now she has come clean:

Hoover released an official statement on the issue on Oct. 20 titled “Statement about Identity.” In it, she discussed the results of her investigation into whether she truly had Native American roots.

“Now, without any official documentation verifying the identity I was raised with, I do not think it is right for me to continue to claim to be a scholar of Mohawk/Mi’kmaq descent,” Hoover wrote.

Whether it was deliberate fraud or just based on wishful thinking, presenting herself as an Indian no doubt helped her achieve a position at prestigious Berkeley. Confessing the truth is less of a PR disaster than getting exposed by angry real Indians. It’s not as if they will take her assistant professorship away, any more than they took away ersatz Indian Elizabeth Warren’s US Senate seat.

Just as hate hoaxes emphasize that the oppression of “oppressed” identity groups needs to be fabricated, the proliferation of racial impostors confirms that it is an advantage to be “marginalized.”

On a tip from R F.

Oct 24 2022

Sacheen Littlefeather Was Racial Impostor

Say it’s not so. A theatrical Tinseltown display of leftist virtue signaling turns out to be based on lies?

In 1973, Marlon Brando declined the Academy Award for Best Actor on the grounds that not even Hollyweird was woke enough to meet his standards. He sent alleged Apache Sacheen Littlefeather to attend the ceremony in his place, reject the award, and of course denounce racism. As previously noted regarding Brando,

What a posturing, sanctimonious jackass. Note that the award he threw back in Tinseltown’s face was granted to him for playing an Italian mobster. This is closer to a bigoted stereotype than Hollywood’s white-washed depiction of the horrific Stone Age barbarism prevailing in the wild West before it was tamed.

Presenting Sacheen Littlefeather:

This gag-inducing spectacle has been exploited recently in attempts to cancel John Wayne and Clint Eastwood for representing countermoonbattery.

You might have noticed that Sacheen doesn’t look much like an Indian. Turns out Brando’s publicity stunt was even phonier than we knew. As the San Francisco Chronical admits:

In one of her final interviews, Littlefeather told The Chronicle that she took the stage at the Oscars because “I spoke my heart, not for me, myself, as an Indian woman but for we and us, for all Indian people … I had to speak the truth. Whether or not it was accepted, it had to be spoken on behalf of Native people.”

But Littlefeather didn’t tell the truth that night. That’s because, according to her biological sisters, Rosalind Cruz and Trudy Orlandi, Littlefeather isn’t Native at all. …

Littlefeather’s sisters both said in separate interviews that they have no known Native American/American Indian ancestry. They identified as “Spanish” on their father’s side and insisted their family had no claims to a tribal identity.

“I mean, you’re not gonna be a Mexican American princess,” Orlandi said of her sister’s adoption of a fraudulent identity. “You’re gonna be an American Indian princess. It was more prestigious to be an American Indian than it was to be Hispanic in her mind.”

“Prestigious” in this context means higher up in the Cultural Marxist caste system.

Research has confirmed that Sacheen was no Apache. She was garden variety half Mexican American, half American American. The details of her hard luck backstory were either distorted or fabricated.

Please join me in celebrating Sacheen Littlefeather’s posthumous induction into the Racial Impostor Hall of Shame.

On tips from Steve T and Bluto.

Oct 17 2022

LA Mayoral Candidate Rick Caruso Denies Being White

Maybe our moonbat rulers will spare Columbus Day, now that Italians are no longer white.

During a mayoral debate in single-party Los Angeles last week between Karen Bass and Rick Caruso, Telemundo moderator Dunia Elvir put the election in the usual identity politics terms, proclaiming that the next mayor of the rotting city “will be either an African-American woman [Bass] or a white man [Caruso].”

Not so fast:

Desperate to avoid the stigma of being a white man, Caruso immediately declared: “I’m Italian,” whereupon Elvir said, “An Italian American,” to which Caruso responded: “Thank you, that’s Latin, thank you.”

Just like that, everyone with Italian heritage from Julius Caesar to Al Pacino stopped being white. Now they are Latin, or more PC still, Latinx.

We have not quite reached maximum moonbattery. To get votes in moonbattery-addled LA, Caruso has switched from Republican to Democrat and Italian American to Latin, but he still identifies as a man, even if his spinelessness in the face of wokeism makes that an exaggeration in his case.

Alberto Retana, who is the president of the Community Coalition of South Los Angeles (“Uniting Black & Brown”), was appalled and wasn’t about to let Caruso slither out of being white: “Wow, did Caruso just say he is Latin?” Retana tweeted. “That he is not a white man? I am floored. We cannot let him do this. Terrible.”

Pretending not to be white is the Cultural Marxist version of stolen valor. Caruso is hardly the first to lay false claim to the many advantages of oppressedness:

The white Jewish professor Jessica Krug passed as black for years. So did Rachel Dolezal, the former NAACP official who famously turned out not to be a CP at all. Still at it is Shaun King, aka Talcum X, who strenuously insists that he isn’t white despite photographic evidence he was a light-haired white child before he was woke. Elizabeth Warren passed as Native American and was even hailed as the first “woman of color” on Harvard’s faculty. Muslim “feminist” activist Linda Sarsour said in a Vox video published in January 2017: “When I wasn’t wearing hijab, I was just some ordinary white girl from New York City.” But in an April 2017 interview, the hijabbed Sarsour referred to “people of color like me.”

Please welcome Rick Caruso to the Racial Impostor Hall of Shame.

On a tip from Blackjack.

Nov 28 2021

Carrie Bourassa, Racial Impostor

As rule by cultural Marxists makes it ever more advantageous to belong to a group designated as “oppressed,” we see ever more racial impostors. The latest to be exposed is a faux-Indian named Carrie Bourassa:

A Canadian medical researcher who rose to become the nation’s top voice on indigenous health has been ousted from her government job and her university professorship — after suspicious colleagues investigated her increasingly fanciful claims of Native American heritage and learned she was a fraud.

Carrie Bourassa, a public health expert who served as scientific director of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s Institute of Indigenous Peoples’ Health, was suspended on Nov. 1, five days after the state-owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation published a lengthy expose on her background.

Bourassa identifies as a member of the Métis nation. Her ancestors are actually from less politically fashionable Eastern Europe.

According to the ideology of our ruling class, a man can literally become a woman simply by claiming to be one. However, joining racial identity groups that have been granted cherished victim status is not so easy.

What did her in was getting carried away with the act:

Colleagues began to doubt Bourassa’s story as she began to add claims of Anishinaabe and Tlingit heritage to her tale — and took to dressing in stereotypically indigenous fashion.

It started to unravel in 2019, when she appeared in full tribal regalia — draped in an electric blue shawl, with a feather in her partially braided hair — to give a TEDx Talk at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon.

“My name is Morning Star Bear,” she said tearfully as the crowd cheered.

Poranna Gwiazda Niedźwiedź, more like it.

“I’m Bear Clan. I’m Anishinaabe Métis from Treaty Four Territory,” she proclaimed as she described an impoverished childhood beset by violence.

Please welcome Carrie Bourassa to the Racial Impostor List, where she has the embarrassing company of Elizabeth Warren, Rachel Dolezal, Kristen Rosen Gonzalez, Shaun King, Jessica Krug, CV Vitolo-Haddad, Satchuel Cole, and Kelly Kean Sharp.

As professional racist Ibram X. Kendi discovered the hard way, that so many whites pretend to be nonwhite exposes critical race theory as a preposterous lie. Good thing the liberal establishment has a backup religion in the global warming hoax — even if that too is a preposterous lie.

On a tip from Jack D.


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