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Mar 01 2023

Anarchotyranny From Texas to Vermont

The system of justice implemented by liberals is known as “anarchotyranny.” Under it, criminal activity is largely permitted, but we are closely monitored so that innocuous but politically incorrect behavior can be punished severely.

This has resulted in astonishing arrogance among the criminal class. In Humble, Texas, a shoplifter took to Facebook to boast of her career:

“Drop the name, tell them who it is,” a woman says in a Facebook video. “Not only did I steal, the world knows I steal. That ain’t surprising. Now, (expletive) that’s walking around this (expletive). That’s what I do. Shoplifting is what I do, that’s not surprising to nobody.”

Her crowing was in response to people recognizing her from surveillance images of a thief stealing from the Deerbrook Mall.

“It’s just crazy to me how y’all wait,” said the woman. “How these ugly (expletive) white folks wait this long to post something. You post stuff to get more likes and more haha’s.”

While plying her trade, the thief brought along her baby and a possible boyfriend. Shoplifting isn’t her worse crime:

While leaving the store, a deputy stopped the couple. While the man was apprehended, the woman kept running. While she ran from authorities, police say she left her baby and stolen items in the mall parking lot and drove off.

“Turn me in all you (expletive) want,” said the woman on Facebook. Y’all can tell them my name, my first name, last name, all that. I’ll be out of jail tomorrow. That’s don’t bother me. I’ll be out of jail tomorrow. No probation. No parole.”

She knows the system well.

As for the police, who systemically oppress her according to the ideology of our ruling class,

Two Vermont state troopers are on paid leave as state police officials investigate claims they made racist and misogynistic comments while playing an online game when they were off duty.

Troopers Nathan Jensen and Nathan Greco were ratted out by an anonymous informant to Democrat State Senator Nader Hashim, resulting in an investigation.

The troopers in Vermont are likely in bigger trouble than the shoplifter in metro Houston.

On tips from Wiggins and seaoh.


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