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Jun 08 2024

Another Noose Hoax

Turns out you don’t have to go a few weeks without taking a shower to climb aboard the jackpot justice gravy train. Just tie a noose:

A major Midlands [South Carolina] gun manufacturer is facing accusations of racial discrimination after a Black employee says a noose was left on his work station.

A liberal jury will especially enjoy looting a gun maker. Too bad the disgruntled former employee can’t get the case tried in New York.

Tremell Washington worked as an armorer for the Lexington County-based firearm manufacturer from November 2021 to September 2022. Washington claims several individuals at Palmetto State Armory, including supervisors, used the “n-word” in his presence while he worked there, according to the lawsuit.

That allegation alone could be worth a few $million. But the noose will rope in the big bucks. According to the Afrocentric religion of our moonbat overlords, nooses have only ever been used to oppress sacred blacks. Consequently, they are blasphemous.

On Aug. 30, 2022, Washington said he found an air-hose at his work station tied into a noose. When he brought the noose to the attention of the plant manager, the manager “laughed,” the lawsuit claims.

Some probably had the same reaction when Bubba Wallace whimpered that his garage door pull was a noose — and when Nikki Haley shrilly believed him.

Washington says he found another noose soon afterward. A coworker allegedly snickered that he should wear an “I can’t breathe” shirt — a reference to dubious claims of oppression by crybullies of color.

The racism escalated still further:

Washington said his supervisor “began to intensely criticize and scrutinize” his work…

This unwelcome scrutiny evidently resulted in Washington getting fired.

A cash bonanza isn’t enough. Washington demands that his enemies crawl before him:

He asks for damages, attorney’s fees, reinstatement and a written apology.

It is conceivable if unlikely that mischievous coworkers really did needle Washington with a noose. Even so, the lawsuit would still place him on the Hate Hoax List, because pretending that teasing constitutes oppression constitutes a hoax.

On a tip from WDS 2.0.


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