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Sep 25 2021

AOC Weeps That Israel Will Be Defended From Terrorists

No matter how much they have to inflate US currency, there is no limit to how much money moonbats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will fling to four winds — so long as none of it goes to protecting Israeli civilians from terrorist rockets. Seeing money spent on this purpose reduced the normally fiery Marxist to tears:

The 420-9 vote was an overwhelming rebuke of House progressives who Wednesday held up Democrats’ continuing resolution because Iron Dome funding was included in the legislation.

Those who so adamantly side with terrorists against Israel that they would rather defund their own bloated government than support the Iron Dome include the usual suspects — namely, squad members Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, and Cori Bush and their radical left allies.

AOC herself, needing Jewish support to maintain power in New York and possibly to acquire still more by taking Chuck Schumer’s Senate seat, changed her “no” vote to “present” at the last moment. However, she made her feelings clear by weeping the way spoilt children do on the rare occasions that they do not get their way.

No doubt Jews will vote for her anyway, despite her open hatred of Israel. After all, white people voted for Biden, who despite being white himself has been making his vociferous hostility toward Caucasians obvious for years.

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