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Dec 31 2020

Arrested for Exposing Empty Hospital

Exposing Big Government’s ChiCom virus overreaction can be hazardous. A British woman has been arrested for posting video of an empty hospital that undermines the official narrative.

Via Summit News:

The clip shows the woman walking through virtually empty corridors and filming empty wards at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

The staff must have been out rehearsing for TikTok dance videos.

While the footage shows the inside of the hospital to be virtually empty, UK health authorities have continually asserted that the NHS is at risk of being “overwhelmed” as a result of rising COVID-19 infections. …

However, public data shows that hospitals are indeed emptier than at this time last year…

Empty hospitals do not make a good case for authoritarian lockdowns. The solution to any challenge to authoritarianism is more authoritarianism. So this whistleblower was charged with suspicion of committing a “public order offence.”

It was pulled from Fakebook, but fragments of the criminal video survive:

On a tip from Brian Brandt.


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