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Jan 07 2022

Ash Patrick Schade: Satanic Man Gives Birth

If ever one story could summarize America under moonbat hegemony:

A transgender man has revealed how he fell pregnant while transitioning after having a one-night stand with a man.

A “transgender man” is of course a mentally ill woman who pretends to be a man. Only in the grotesque nightmare realm inhabited by the media do men get pregnant.

Ash Patrick Schade, 28, from Huntington, West Virginia, had been two years into transitioning and was taking testosterone and estrogen blockers when he discovered he was pregnant in February 2020, following a ‘Grindr hook-up’.

Decadent, degenerate, depraved, not only divorced from reality but diametrically opposed to it. The story checks a few boxes — then goes on to check more:

Ash also credited the support of his friends, the online gay and trans community and the Satanic Temple, of which he is a member.

Miss Schade describes herself on Facebook as a “Minister of Satan.”

If Satan is motivated by jealous hatred to humiliate and defile the human race, he must be having the time of his life.

The moonbat mommy raves that “giving birth felt like one of the most masculine things I have done.” What could be more manlike in upside-down liberal land than something that by definition no man can do?

You won’t be surprised to hear what Miss Schade does for a living. She works in mental health (Community Mental Health Liaison) and academia (Adjunct Professor at Mountwest Community & Technical College).

Impossible as it seems, liberals will somehow manage to top Ash Patrick Schade as they strive toward peek wokeness. Progressives always progress.

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