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Aug 21 2021

Australian Antilockdown Protester Thrown in Prison

You can’t have a proper tyranny without political prisoners. The budding Covid police state of Australia does not fall short:

Anthony Khallouf, 29, one of the organisers of last month’s anti-lockdown protests and a key figurehead in the broader movement surrounding it, was arrested by police in Sydney on Thursday after travelling from Queensland in breach of public health orders. …

He pleaded guilty to four counts of not complying with a direction relating to Covid-19, encouraging the commission of crimes, and false representation resulting in a police investigation. …

Khallouf is the founder of Australians vs The Agenda, one of the larger anti-lockdown groups with more than 12,000 followers on Telegram.

For the crimes of expressing his opinion, peaceably assembling, and traveling within his own country, Khallouf got a maximum sentence of 8 months.

Australia is still a soft tyranny for now, but it is getting harder. The Covid Police are already confiscating children:

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2 Responses to “Australian Antilockdown Protester Thrown in Prison”

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