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Aug 03 2021

Australian Covid Police Apparently Induce Heart Attack

Why do Biden’s handlers continue to amp up the Covid tyranny even after mortality has flattened? Because they have not yet reached the objective. To get an idea of what that objective is, look to Australia, which has come closer to achieving it.

The video below reflects the degree of tyranny Australian authorities have been able to extract from Covid hysteria. An elderly man was attempting to get some exercise in Brisbane’s City Botanic Gardens yesterday morning. Four police officers descended upon him for not wearing a Covid obedience mask. He has a medical exemption due to a heart condition. They dragged him off in handcuffs anyway, apparently causing him to suffer a seizure.

Rebel News reports:

Police allegedly joked when he had a seizure that they did not believe he had heart problems that warranted the mask exemption. The man’s heart medication was revealed to be in a plastic bag in his backpack.

As we have seen with sadistic mask mandates for children, Covid tyranny entails casting health concerns aside.

If he had died, he might have been the George Floyd of Covid resistance — except that George Floyd was a career criminal who was resisting legitimate arrest when he died almost certainly primarily due to a fentanyl overdose. The guy in Brisbane peacefully complied with police commands, and his arrest was anything but legitimate. Also, George Floyd’s death caused thousands of his fellow lowlifes to riot, with the enthusiastic approval of the liberal establishment. If the poor guy in Brisbane had died, it is unclear how many would make an issue of it. The mainstream media would spike the story.

Not long ago, the Anglosphere was willing to risk nuclear war rather than submit to living like this.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair. Hat tips: Summit News, Vlad Tepes.


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