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Nov 20 2023

Believe All Women Unless…

If feminists were going to be reasonable about anything, it ought to be Islam, which has treated women as subhuman from the beginning. In the early days of Mohammad’s cult, a primary recruiting tool was the distribution of booty from the caravans it looted — including women who were captured as sex slaves. To this day, Islamic regimes repress women to such an extreme that they are forbidden to show their hair and in some places even their faces. Yet in the aftermath of October 7, feminist groups side with Islam:

After Hamas terrorists set about murdering, raping and abducting as many women as they could, one might have expected widespread condemnation from the West’s feminist groups. After all, Hamas had provided enough evidence of its crimes — within hours, they were posting footage of abducted young women in bloodied trousers being paraded around Gaza.

Not to mention that women’s Achilles tendons were slit so they couldn’t run away before getting gang raped.

The response among the majority of groups committed to ending violence against women and girls (VAWG) was threefold: to keep quiet, to disbelieve the victims, or to insinuate they deserved their fate. In the words of 140 American “prominent feminist scholars”, to stand in solidarity with Israeli women is to give in to “colonial feminism”.

In Liberalese, “colonial” means “pertaining to Western Civilization.”

The British feminist group Feministo has no evident issue with Islam but plenty of problems with all things “colonial” — including the existence of Israel. A demonstration demanding its surrender to terrorists who want the country erased shut down London’s Liverpool Street Station.

Afterwards, the charity issued a 600-word statement, filled with references to “apartheid”, “genocide” and disproved reports that the IDF had bombed Gaza’s Al-Ahli hospital. There was no mention, however, of the 239 abducted Israelis, roughly 100 of whom are believed to be women, or the sexual assaults that took place on October 7. When journalist Hadley Freeman pointed out this wasn’t terribly feminist of them, the group responded by claiming reports of Hamas’s sex attacks amounted to “the Islamophobic and racist weaponisation of sexual violence”. Towards the end of their rambling statement, they concluded: “no people would ever accept being murdered, humiliated, dispossessed, racially targeted, oppressed, cleansed, exiled and colonised without resisting.”

Murder isn’t murder if committed by a favored group against colonial women and children, who are the real murderers according to moonbat ideology.

The horrors inflicted on women on October 7 are well documented. Progressives dismiss the documentation as Israeli propaganda. Believe all women, unless it conflicts with the agenda.

Other feminist groups openly siding with Hamas terrorists in the aftermath of the nightmare last month include Southall Black Sisters, Women for Women UK, Women’s Place UK, and UN Women.

The testimony of Nachman Dyksztejna regarding the Islamic atrocities clarifies what feminists are siding with:

“In Kibbutz Be’eri, I witnessed bodies of two women with their hands and legs tied to a bed. One of these bodies we found was sexually terrorised with a knife stuck in her vagina and all her internal organs removed. After brutally violating these women, Hamas detonated the house on them, so we found them beneath a pile of stones.

“The mini shelters scattered from the Nova party site to road 34, shelters that had been broken into, were filled with piles of women. Their clothing was torn on the upper part, but their bottoms were completely naked. Piles and piles of women, dead bodies, lying this way. When you took a closer look at their heads, you saw a single shot straight to the brain of each.”

The scene makes a good metaphor for what leftists want done to all of us for being “colonial.”

None of this sounds very empowering for women. But then, feminists don’t care any more about women than climate kooks care about the weather or Black Lives Matter fellow travelers care about the welfare of blacks.

The issue is never the issue; the issue is always the destruction of civilization so that it can be replaced by a regime of inescapable moonbattery. Like feminism, Islam makes for a useful wrecking ball.

Hat tip: Maggie’s Farm.


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