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Nov 14 2023

Merging Climate Kookery With Support for Hamas

Hats off to Greta Thunberg for helping to make it obvious that with leftists, the issue is never the issue; the issue is always evil.

When climate warriors like Greta demand we stop using fossil fuels in the name of their ideology, only the dimmest of them fail to understand that millions would starve in the resulting economic collapse. That’s fine with them. Some of these people are so wicked, they effectively advocate torturing, maiming, and murdering children as their parents watch because “colonialism”:

Even some fellow climate kooks have had enough:

Thunberg has come under fire for her pro-Palestine stance by Jewish groups, as the German branch of climate movement Fridays for Future also distanced itself from her.

Ms Thunberg, wearing a Palestinian black and white scarf, had urged ‘ceasefire now’ at a climate protest in Amsterdam on Sunday before a man grabbed her microphone and said: ‘I’ve come for a climate demonstration, not a political view.’

As if climate demonstrations were less than 100% political.

The 20-year-old eco-protester had accused ‘the people in power of not listening’ to the ‘voices of those who are being oppressed’ in the Gaza Strip during her speech in front of tens of thousands of climate demonstrators.

“No climate justice on occupied land,” chanted Greta.

Here’s what liberal demigoddess Greta stands with against civilization:

You likely recall one of the first images on October 7 that went viral, an Israeli woman bleeding in the rear end led into a vehicle by terrorist savages.

Video of the scene was posted here back on October 9. This went unnoticed:

The woman’s achilles tendon was cleanly lacerated so she couldn’t run.

Her name is Naama Levi. Pray for her, and that she is returned alive, and the people who did that to her receive even worse judgment.

Also pray that we get the better of the leftists who have rendered us vulnerable to opportunistic infections like Islam, so that more women don’t share her fate as malevolent freaks like Greta Thunberg shriek pro-Hamas slogans.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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