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Nov 24 2021

Biden Can’t Even Read Lies Off a Teleprompter Now

Our supreme ruler is so incompetent, he can no longer even read the lies his Marxist handlers program into his teleprompter. The Democrat policies of suppressing energy production and extravagant wasteful spending have predictably resulted in skyrocketing prices. Yesterday, Biden gave a speech intended to address this growing crisis. His delivery made it clear that if we are ever going to use the 25th Amendment, now is the time — not that Cackling Kamala would be an improvement.

Via RedState:

Does Biden even have eyes, or is there just a lightless abyss of evil and senility behind those squinted slits in his plastic surgery disaster of a face?

The content was as awful as the delivery. Creepy Joe actually claimed that gas prices shooting through the stratosphere have nothing to do with his War on Energy. No one with the possible exception of Biden himself could be dim-witted enough to believe this.

The Regime is releasing oil from the emergency strategic reserves to make up for the oil that it will not allow us to drill for deranged ideological reasons. The Wall Street Journal reports on how well that is working:

Crude prices rose Tuesday after the Biden Administration announced that the U.S. and other countries would tap their petroleum reserves. Sorry, Mr. President. Markets know that this political gesture won’t fix the supply shortage and could make it worse.

It hasn’t yet occurred to Biden or his handlers what they’ll do when the emergency reserves run dry. We certainly can’t go back to accessing our own abundant energy resources, because that would cause the climate to change, according to progressive dogma. So we have to buy from OPEC, which thanks to Biden has us over a barrel, so to speak.

The rest of the world is watching our humiliating self-imposed collapse under Democrat rule. Adversaries are preparing to exploit the situation. This is bad news for Taiwan and Ukraine in the short term, bad news for us not long after.

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