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Jan 28 2021

Crushed by Biden

It isn’t just about ideology. When tyrants take control, people get hurt. This video puts a human face on the thousands Biden has already thrown out of work after barely a week in office:

No worries; Climate Czar John Kerry says those who have lost their jobs in the War on Energy can go make solar panels. Of course, they might have to immigrate to communist China where most solar panels are made.

The more honest Jennifer Granholm, Biden’s nominee for energy secretary, avers that little people may be “sacrificed” to the climate agenda (which stands no chance of having a measurable impact on the supposedly problematic climate). As progressives have been saying since the days of Soviet genocide, you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.

Those destroyed directly are just the tip of the iceberg. Choking off the supply will raise the price of energy, crippling an economy that is already struggling from coronavirus lockdowns. Indirectly, Biden’s radical green agenda could cost any number of people their jobs.

Add a $15 minimum wage and a ban on freelance work, and the unemployment rate should top Great Depression levels.

This is not a bug; it is a feature. The more of us are unemployed, the more powerful the Democrat Party becomes.

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