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Oct 08 2023

Biden Helps Finance 600 Dead Israelis

This year the Biden Administration commemorated the Islamic terror atrocities of September 11 by choosing that date to hand $6 billion to our enemies in Iran as a reward for kidnapping Americans, knowing as well as everyone else that the money would be used to finance terrorism:

More than 600 Israelis have been confirmed dead, and at least 2,000 have been injured following the attacks from Hamas, a Palestinian Islamic terrorist organization.

Thousands of rockets have been fired at civilians.

Simultaneously, the terrorists used drones to drop bombs on Israeli defenses on the border, rendering them inoperable as terrorists used explosives and bulldozers to smash through Israel’s border wall. More than 1,000 terrorists then flooded into the country on paragliders, boats, motorcycles, trucks, and by foot as they hunted down innocent civilians door to door to slaughter or kidnap them.

Over 100 have been reported kidnapped. Word must have gotten around about the $6 billion ransom.

Speaking of which,

A spokesperson for Hamas told the BBC that it received support from Iran and others, although he declined to say who else provided support.

The same media that effectively installed Biden in power unsurprisingly sides with Hamas:

MSNBC host Ali Velshi and a Palestinian activist argued that people are not keeping in mind the “inhumane treatment” Israel has shown towards Palestinians in the context of the recent attacks perpetrated by terror group Hamas against Israel.

The sort of people who would watch MSNBC nodded smugly along as they were assured that the terror blitzkrieg is Israel’s fault:

The MSNBC “Velshi” host brought the Palestinian analyst Nour Odeh to discuss the deadly attack against Israel and asserting how Hamas militants’ attack didn’t just come “out of the blue,” but was the result of tensions created by Israelis “harassing” Palestinians.

The two projectile vomited accusations at Israel. Concluded MSNBC’s “analyst”:

“And to think that all of that wouldn’t have consequences, or wouldn’t have a reaction from the Palestinians, all Palestinians, was delusional.”

It would be nice to think there will be a reaction from decent people against Islamic terrorists, the Biden Regime, and the media that supports them both.

After smoke clears from the Israeli counterattack, the media will step up its propaganda war on behalf of Hamas, scouring the rubble for dead Arab children.

Hamas terrorists and their Iranian bankrollers are hardcore Muslims. They throw the sort of degenerates who characterize the Democratic Party and the liberal establishment media off rooftops or hang them from construction cranes. But they are allies of convenience because they share a common goal of eradicating the lone outpost of Western Civilization in the Middle East.

After Israel has been wiped off the map, attention will zero in on erasing the USA. The deliberately undefended border will continue to be useful in this regard.

On tips from Varla, Bluto, Anonymous, and Chuck A. Hat tip: Flopping Aces.


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