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Feb 23 2021

Biden Nominee Has Advocated Child Sex Change

Biden’s handlers have nominated a fellow named Rachel Levine for Assistant Secretary of Health in the Department of Health and Human Services. Levine is best known for pulling his own mother out of a nursing home so that she wouldn’t be killed by the policy he was implementing of forcing the homes to accept COVID-positive patients — the same policy that led to the ongoing downfall of Andrew Cuomo. There is another compelling reason to oppose Levine’s nomination:

Levine has advocated for sex changes for pre-pubertal people, otherwise known as “children.”

A professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry at the Penn State College of Medicine, Levine has given lectures in various settings since at least 2012 on how to perform sex changes and gender conversion therapy on children.

According to Levine, children ought to be given the latitude to choose their own gender. Levine has advised adults to “try not to force them one way or other [sic]” and instead to follow the child’s lead.

Kids too young to decide on their own bedtime are given the responsibility to determine whether they want to undergo transmogrification into a facsimile of the opposite sex. The decision will be based on an unwholesome fad whipped up by the media that could have devastating lifelong consequences.

Levine has described children as young as five or six as “knowing” which gender they wanted to be.

Levine recommends giving sexually disoriented children puberty blockers as they reach adolescence, deliberately preventing their normal physical development. Then come cross-gender hormone injections. These are followed by surgery, which Levine avers can be inflicted on the subject prior to age 18 in some cases.

Dr Moreau meets Joseph Mengele.

Levine has expressed doubts about the “controversial” requirement in some standards of medical ethics that patients receive psychological evaluations before undergoing such drastic medical regimens.

You can see why a guy who shows up for work dressed like Corporal Klinger would have an aversion to psychological evaluations.

Levine’s tyrannical impulses and poor judgment make him a good fit for the Biden Administration. He has ordered 2-year-olds to wear masks in public, has suspended alcohol sales in bars and restaurants the night before Thanksgiving, and has urged the public to take up sexting and pornography.

Not long ago, Levine’s nomination would have been regarded as a tasteless joke. We will learn during the confirmation whether any senators have the nerve to question it and risk being denounced by the media as “transphobic.”

On a tip from Wiggins.


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