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Feb 09 2024

Biden Plays Senility Card

Joe Biden isn’t a Woman of Color or homosexual, so how does he defend himself from observations that he is corrupt, incompetent, and treasonous? By playing the senility card.

Not even his most fervent detractors can deny that Biden has succumbed to dementia. He keeps recounting meetings with dead people like François Mitterrand and Helmut Kohl. He confuses the leaders of Mexico and Egypt. He cannot remember when his term as VP began or ended or even when his son died.

His senility is readily apparent from across the sea:

Biden sicced the weaponized Justice Department on his chief political opponent for allegedly mishandling classified documents — a crime that Biden himself was found to be flagrantly and repeatedly guilty of. He even retained classified information regarding Ukraine policy during a time his bagman Hunter sat on the board of Burisma.

No worries; just play the dementia card:

A special counsel report released Thursday found evidence that President Joe Biden willfully retained and shared highly classified information when he was a private citizen, including about military and foreign policy in Afghanistan, but concluded that criminal charges were not warranted.

Why not? Because even if the crimes occurred years ago, now he is a doddering old man who doesn’t know what day it is. Call it the Vincent Gigante defense:

In a famous case from the 1990s, the mobster Vincent Gigante offered what became known as “the bathrobe defense.” He attended his arraignment in pajamas and a bathrobe and claimed to be mentally impaired. Regarding President Biden’s misuse of classified documents, the country is now asked to believe the forgetful elderly man defense.

That’s likely to be the main public takeaway from special counsel Robert Hur’s 345-page report of his investigation into the secret documents Mr. Biden kept in various places. Mr. Hur reports that he “uncovered evidence that President Biden willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen.” But he concludes that “no criminal charges are warranted,” in large part because he doesn’t believe a jury would convict “a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

Before you object that no one could possibly regard a malevolent clot of swamp scum like Biden as “sympathetic” or “well-meaning,” recall that a DC jury just penalized Mark Steyn $1 million for not believing in the global warming hoax.

If he is too senile to be expected to obey the law, Biden is obviously too senile to be president of the USA. The goal for the Democratic Party is to keep him propped up as the presumptive nominee until the last moment, so that patriots will not have time to orchestrate a defense against whoever they replace him with.

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