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Jan 28 2021

Biden Pushes Forward on Packing Supreme Court

Democrats control both houses of Congress. But representatives and even senators are still somewhat answerable to their constituents. So Biden is ruling by executive order, making the legislative branch superfluous. The only impediment now is the Constitution. That can be rendered moot by packing the Supreme Court with as many leftist apparatchiks as it takes to rubber stamp Biden’s handlers’ ultra-left agenda.

This is an outrageous step that will effectively end our system of government. A packed Supreme Court would serve no purpose other that to paint a patently fake veneer of legitimacy on unconstitutional decrees. Yet we knew in advance that as soon as they had the leverage, today’s radicalized Democrats would do it.

Chuck Schumer proclaimed that if his party could take the Senate “everything is on the table.” Biden pointedly and repeatedly refused to rule out packing the court. Considering the magnitude of eradicating the judicial branch, this was as good as a promise to do it if possible.

The Supreme Court has not yet had a chance to put up resistance to the deluge of executive orders, and already plans to pack it into irrelevance are moving forward:

Biden has begun appointing members of a special commission that will consider expanding the Supreme Court, among other “reforms.”

Who will chart the course of these reforms? Mainly, the same sort of people who provide Biden with an endless array of executive orders to sign. Leftists.

Politico reported Wednesday that the “bipartisan” commission will be chaired by Biden’s former campaign lawyer, Bob Bauer, a career Democrat operative who also worked for the Perkins Coie firm. Perkins Coie was involved in the Russia “dossier” on then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016, and its election law practice, headed by Marc Elias, led Democrats’ filings throughout the 2020 presidential election and in its aftermath.

Liberals will tell you with a straight face that the Constitution guarantees the right to abort children. From their point of view, it says whatever they want it to say, however absurd. If interpreted by a court packed with leftists, the Constitution does not exist in any meaningful sense.

Without the Constitution, we are at the mercy of evil people who mean us harm.

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