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Oct 09 2020

Biden Confirms He Will Reduce Supreme Court to Junta

If there is a constitutional right to abort inconvenient babies and to marry members of the same sex, who is to say there is no constitutional right to “free” (i.e., socialist) medical care? A “free” house and car, paid for by someone else? Maybe there is a constitutional right to be protected from people offending you by challenging your left-wing political views. There might be a constitutional right to be kept safe from coronavirus by new restrictions that require wearing a mask at all times and never leaving your house without explicit permission. Somewhere in the Constitution’s imaginary penumbras, there might also be a right to an unchanging climate guaranteed by a ban on the fossil fuels that keep the lights on.

Anything would be possible if the Supreme Court becomes a rubber stamp for the radical left. Various “voting rights” rulings could be employed to prevent there from ever being another election that Democrats might lose.

It would go beyond ruling that unconstitutional legislation is constitutional after all. That, we have managed to survive for years. Turning the court into a true rubber stamp means legislation would no longer be required, as with Roe v Wade. That is what is likely to happen if Biden wins.

The Daily Caller lists seven of the times Biden and Harris have resolutely refused to answer whether they will pack the Supreme Court with as many leftist flunkies as necessary to reduce it to a rubber stamp. You can take their refusal to answer as a yes.

An explicitly politicized court that exists for the sole purpose of implementing the Left’s agenda would not be a court at all, since it would no longer be interpreting law but rather imposing its own law. It wouldn’t even be a legislature in the sense we are used to, since it would be unelected and have an indefinite term. It would be a junta.

We made a big mistake when we allowed the Supreme Court to become the most powerful branch of the government by submitting to unconstitutional rulings. This will become obvious when the court is controlled by ideologues hostile to our way of life.

Imagine if every pernicious whim emerging from the liberal media fever swamps were converted into the law of the land. We will be in that situation if the people programing Biden’s teleprompter are able to reduce the Supreme Court to their tool.

Yesterday in Phoenix, Biden confirmed once again that he will not say whether he will pack the court until the election is over, on the grounds that if “I answer that question, the headline in every one of your papers will be about that.”

True enough. It would be the biggest news story since 1776. Packing the court would profoundly alter America, which until now has been a constitutional republic and a free country.

By not answering the question, Biden answers it affirmatively — but in a way that allows his media enablers to play it down.

Anyone with respect for American institutions would immediately reject the notion of destroying our system of government by subverting the court.

To vote for these people is to cancel the sacrifice of every American who died to defend our liberty.

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