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Oct 26 2021

Biden Regime Focuses on National Gender Strategy

Meanwhile, as the economy circles the drain, Third World armies descend on the undefended border, China prepares to conquer Taiwan, and Americans languish in the clutches of the Taliban, the Biden Regime focuses on the real problem: gender oppression. It has posted a National Gender Strategy. As noted at the Washington Examiner, the document is like something out of the Babylon Bee:

The four-page document begins by identifying “gender equity” as a “moral and strategic imperative.” Thanks to COVID-19, “we are at an inflection point,” the statement reads, as the pandemic has “magnified the challenges” that women and girls face — “especially women and girls of color.”

This isn’t only about women and girls. Liberals can’t even define them. A congressman was just thrown off Twitter for insisting that a man is not a woman. Cultural Marxists take an intersectional approach, which…

“…considers the barriers and challenges faced by those who experience intersecting and compounding forms of discrimination and bias related to gender, race, and other factors, including sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, disability, age, and socioeconomic status. This includes addressing discrimination and bias faced by Black, Latino, and Indigenous and Native American people, Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders, and other people of color.”

The only significant discrimination in this country is the systematic discrimination against white males that is codified by Affirmative Action and constantly reaffirmed by Democrats bestowing the many privileges of phony victimhood on everyone else.

The solution to the imaginary gender oppression problem is to wastefully spend your money — or as the White House document puts it, to invest in “care infrastructure.” Also, we must “dismantle the barriers to equal opportunity in education” on behalf of women, who already earn two thirds of college degrees. The cherry on top: we must abort more children. After all, only half of them would grow up to be women.

Our rulers have entered an alternative reality of absolute moonbattery that bears no relationship to the actual world or to sanity.

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