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May 05 2024

Bidenomics and Hanlon’s Razor

Hanlon’s razor dictates that we should never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity or incompetence. Biden chief economic adviser Jared Bernstein provides support for it:

“Like you said, they print the dollars. So why, why does the government even borrow?” an interviewer asked Bernstein.

If our rulers didn’t borrow or tax but just paid for everything on the leftist wish list through inflation, at least we wouldn’t be on the hook for hundreds of $billions in interest on the national debt.

Bernstein’s learned answer:

“Well, um, the uh … so the … I mean, again, some of this stuff gets — some of the … language that — some of the language and concepts are just confusing. I mean, the government definitely prints money and it definitely lends that money, which is why … um … the government definitely prints money and then it lends that money by, uh, by selling bonds. Is that what they do? … They, they uh … they, yeah, they um … they sell bonds … yeah, they sell bonds. Right? Since they sell bonds and then people buy the bonds and lend them the money,” Bernstein said in the documentary, “Finding The Money.”

Unsurprisingly, this disoriented dope has been a major proponent of Bidenomics, as well as Biden’s outrageously unfair policy of defying the Supreme Court by forcing us to pay off other people’s student loans.

Bernstein’s cluelessness is good news. If the Biden Regime is as hostile to America as its Ivy League brain trust and the spittle-spewing Hamas supporters comprising the Democrat base, incompetence may be the only thing slowing down its destruction of the country.

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