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May 04 2021

Biden’s Mask Theater Gets Even Phonier

Joe Biden’s handlers have finally located someone who makes Sleepy Joe look like less of a liberal dinosaur by comparison. It made for a great photo op — or maybe not:

Where are the masks? If Biden needs to wear one to a virtual summit of world leaders, surely he should have at least two masks on his face to meet with the 96-year-old Jimmy Carter and 93-year-old Rosalyn, for whom the ChiCom virus would likely be a death sentence.

All four have been vaccinated, but even so, Biden says it is our “patriotic responsibility for God’s sake” to wear a mask even when it is patently ridiculous to do so.

Speaking of patently ridiculous, after cozying up maskless to the Carters, the Bidens put on their masks to go outside, where there is minimal risk of spreading the virus.

As John Nolte observes,

If he’s awake yet, His Fraudulency must be furious at the Carters for releasing a photograph that exposes every word of his mask talk as a hypocritical lie.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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