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Jan 14 2021

Big Tech Knows When You Are Ovulating

The impending merger of Big Tech and Big Government could produce a level of totalitarian repression never seen before, because Big Tech knows all there is to know about you, and I do mean everything:

The Federal Trade Commission reached a settlement with Flo Health Inc., the developer of a widely used period and fertility-tracking app, over allegations that it improperly shared personal data with Facebook and others, including whether users were ovulating.

The data shared by Flo Health often allowed online ads to be targeted to those users, despite Flo Health’s promises that the information would be kept private, The Wall Street Journal found in a 2019 article.

Facebook was instrumental in getting Biden elected, helping to suppress bombshell revelations regarding his influence peddling that might have sunk his campaign. Do not expect the Federal Trade Commission under a Biden Administration to give Zuckerberg and friends any grief, so long as they continue to play ball for the team.

Facebook collected Flo Health data even when the end user had no Facebook account. Data was also provided to Google. Once any information is online, you can assume the aggressively intolerant liberal establishment has access to it.

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