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Oct 03 2020

Bill Gates Wants Taxpayers to Vaccinate Third World

Hold onto your wallets. Egalitarian billionaire do-gooder Bill Gates has proclaimed that Western taxpayers must pay to vaccinate the Third World against COVID-19:

Right now, most of the world’s supply of COVID-19 vaccines is slated to go to rich countries. These nations have been making deals with pharmaceutical companies, securing the right to buy billions of doses as soon as they are produced.

But what about low- and lower-middle income nations of the world, everywhere from South Sudan to Nicaragua to Myanmar?

Gates yelps that there must be “funding to pay for billions of vaccine doses for poorer nations”; more specifically, “public funding is needed.”

Actually, the ChiCom virus is less of a problem in Africa than in the West. Speaking of ChiComs, if anyone has to pay for other countries’ vaccines, it ought to be the country that inflicted the virus on the rest of the world.

In other billionaire news, Elon Musk says Gates is a “knucklehead.”

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