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Mar 09 2023

Bill Would End Felony Murder Charge for Killers Under 25

No wonder Democrats are so keen to have felons voting, even before they have finished their probation. They are the Party of Crime, unencumbered by either morals or any sense of responsibility. Leave them in power long enough and even murder will be legal. Poisoned by the pustule Baltimore has become, Maryland leads the way:

Democrats in Maryland have introduced a bill trying to prevent anyone under the age of 25 from being convicted of felony murder, a move that many believe will benefit gangs and criminals and make dangerous cities like Baltimore even less safe than they already are.

Hard to imagine. But no matter how far progressives progress, they will find a way to progress farther still.

Earlier this year, Democrat Charlotte Crutchfield, one of three delegates representing District 19, introduced House Bill 1180, otherwise known as the Youth Accountability and Safety Act. H.B. 1180 would prohibit “a person younger than age 25 at the time of the offense from being convicted of murder in the first degree under the State’s felony murder provisions, which classify a murder as being in the first degree if it was committed during the perpetration or attempted perpetration of specified crimes.”

Dems argue that criminals’ brains are not fully formed until at least age 25, mitigating their responsibility.

Maryland Secretary of Juvenile Services Vincent Schiraldi has argued that no one should ever be tried in the adult criminal justice system unless until at least 21 years of age.

Other Dems argue that small children should undergo irreversible sex change procedures if adults can convince them to say they are transgender. Somehow Democrats manage to contradict themselves without ever being right.

At least the bill would open job opportunities to help young criminals onto the first rung of the career ladder. Predicts Republican Delegate Susan McComas:

“If this bill passes, you’re going to have kingpins, you’re going to have gangs use juveniles to do their dirty work.”

Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler chimes in:

“The solution is not changing to law to excuse or to make excuses for the violator. The process that needs to be in place is to hold that person accountable.”

The last thing Democrats want is people held accountable. Imagine if they were held accountable for what they have been doing to the country.

Crutchfield may not take murder seriously, but thoughtcrime is another matter:

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