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May 24 2024

Biscuits and Gravy Are Now Racist and Offensive

Ever since George Floyd took too much fentanyl, the liberal establishment has been shrieking that criminals ought to be allowed to run riot because local police are racists. At last there is proof. From the People’s Republic of New York:

A veteran Westchester County corrections sergeant is under investigation for a “racist and offensive” social media post ridiculing Georgia jail guards, officials told The Post.

Behold the thoughtcrime of Sgt. Michael Bourhill:

Look out, Sergeant. Here come the crybully thugs with their clubs:

A Westchester County black corrections officer group took even more umbrage, calling the post racist.

“The Westchester Correction Association strongly condemns the racist and offensive social media post shared by a Westchester Correction Sergeant,” the group said on Facebook.

This lynch mob has demanded that “immediate steps” be taken against Bourhill. They will of course get their way.

“Posting or reposting inappropriate images is a violation of Westchester County employee policy,” [county communications director Catherine] Cioffi said. “Employees who violate this policy will be subject to formal disciplinary charges.”

As leftists become increasingly desperate to find racism against allegedly oppressed blacks, ever more anodyne terms become forbidden. Punishment is retroactive; just because everyone used to say “biscuits and gravy” doesn’t mean the last person to say it before it was struck from the Newspeak Dictionary won’t get canceled. So how are you supposed to know what speech is permitted?

Here’s a rule of thumb: if you are the sort of guy liberals wouldn’t like, whatever you say is racist and offensive, so don’t say anything. Fade away and stop existing. You are a speed bump on the road to moonbat utopia.

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