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Nov 13 2023

“Ombudsman” Deleted From Newspeak Dictionary

Utopia continues to elude us. People still use politically problematic words like “ombudsman.” Justin Trudeau, suet-soft personification of metrosexual moonbattery, comes to the rescue:

As part of the Trudeau Liberals’ quest to root out all gendered language from the government’s vocabulary and end sexism, an order in council dated November 3, 2023, cancelled the title of the Procurement Ombudsman.

The new role at the Ministry of Public Works, which will be the same as the old role, will now be filled by the Procurement Ombud.

How wonderful it must be to live in a country where there are no problems, so that those in charge have nothing better to do than impose their irritating vocabulary preferences.

On a tip from Lyle.

Oct 26 2023

Open Thread

It was intended that when Newspeak had been adopted once and for all and Oldspeak forgotten, a heretical thought...should be literally unthinkable, at least so far as thought is dependent on words. - George Orwell

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Oct 24 2023

Newspeak Medical Dictionary Updates

Having been absorbed by the Left, the medical profession will be making fewer contributions to our health and longevity. To compensate, it now makes contributions to the Newspeak Dictionary:

Ilana Sherer, a pediatrician in Dublin, California, gave a presentation Sunday at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) National Conference and Exhibition and called for more gender neutral terminology for body parts.

Her proposals, given during a workshop entitled ‘Discussing Gender and Sexuality in the Primary Care Office,’ included referring to the vagina as an ‘innie,’ ‘front hole,’ or ‘T-penis’ and the clitoris as ‘d*ck’ or ‘d*cklet.’

Pronouns as in original. “Ilana” Sherer looks like a guy. Less than wholesome characters have been infiltrating primary education as a result of the current emphasis on recruiting children into LGBTism. Let’s hope this alarming phenomenon does not extend to pediatrics.

She also proposed calling breasts ‘chest’ or ‘chesticles.’ For male anatomy, Dr Sherer recommended pediatricians call the penis ‘outie,’ ‘junk,’ ‘strapless,’ or ‘bits.’

Others suggest less informal LGBT-compliant vocabulary:

Some in the medical community have been calling for gender-neutral body terminology for years, recommending ‘upper body’ for breasts, ‘erectile tissue’ for penis and ‘internal gonads’ for ovaries.

Update your copy of Gray’s Anatomy accordingly.

If only the moonbattery stopped at vocabulary:

[Sherer] is board certified by the AAP, an organization to advance child health and well-being, as well as the profession of pediatrics, and serves on the organization’s Executive Committee for LGBTQ Health and Wellness. …

In August, the AAP voted to stand by its 2018 guidance that supports LGBTQ access to counseling, hormone therapy, puberty blockers and, occasionally, surgery for minors under 18 years old.

The concept “First do no harm” has been discarded in favor of the LGBT agenda where children are concerned.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.

Oct 01 2023 Has Newspeak Dictionary Updates

Updates to the Newspeak Dictionary are inflicted not only through educrats in the moonbat fever swamps comprising academia, but on a more direct basis via mainstream institutions like LGBT activists celebrate the further corruption on the English language in subservience to their cause: has added eight LGBTQ+ terms to its latest official update.

These include:

diverse-owned: (adjective) (of a business) owned by someone who is part of a group historically underrepresented in entrepreneurship, such as women, ethnic or racial minorities, LGBTQ+ people, etc.

gay marry: (verb) to marry a person of the same gender.

polysexual: (adjective) noting or relating to a person who is sexually attracted to people of various genders, but not necessarily to people of all genders.

autoromantic: (adjective). noting or relating to a person who primarily feels romantic attraction to and desire for themselves, as opposed to other people.

At least psychiatrists dealing with the severely mentally ill might have a use for some of these terms.

The war on pronouns continues:

To make more inclusive, the website’s lexicographers rewrote entries to replace gendered pronouns with gender-neutral pronouns or to avoid using a pronoun at all.

Moonbattery is the offspring of postmodernism, a fundamental tenet of which is that “reality” is constructed through language, and thereby can be controlled by controlling language. Stand by for further linguistic perversion as social engineers reconstruct reality to reflect their ideology.

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Aug 24 2023

Transparency Redefined

Like all things leftist, the eradication of our language is implemented progressively. Banning all words and demanding that we communicate by grunting like animals would dramatically reduce thoughtcrime, but could spark resistance if imposed all at once.

Even some harmful words have been spared for now. Instead of deleting them from the Newspeak Dictionary, our rulers repurpose them by changing their meaning to the diametric opposite of what it used to be. “Liberal” is one example. Another is “transparency.”

Matt Taibbi is turning out to be a liberal more in the old sense than the new. He sounds the alarm on the redefinition of “transparency”:

Transparency for decades was understood to mean a pro-democratic concept giving ordinary citizens the power to see how their government operates, how taxes are spent, and whether or not public officials are complying with laws.

In contrast,

When elite politicians and media figures speak of “transparency” now, they mean giving government power to obtain “transparency” into the activities of private citizens.

The personification of ultimate government power is globalist Klaus Schwab.

Transparency in Schwab’s conception has been turned on its head, to mean an unavoidable system of total non-privacy the world must learn to accept.

Growls Schwab:

“Everything is transparent, whether we like it or not. This is unstoppable. If we behave acceptably, and have nothing to hide, it won’t be a problem.”

Transparency now means we can keep no secrets from the government. It was supposed to work the other way around. But now it doesn’t:

The chief way you know the new version of transparency is a fraud is that it’s limited to “qualified” researchers.

That is, researchers working on behalf of the liberal establishment — or you might say, on behalf of Klaus Schwab.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Aug 18 2023

Alternatives to Abolished Word “Mother”

Moonbats oppose human reproduction, deny there is a difference between men and women, and react to anything wholesome like a vampire to a cross. Consequently, they oppose motherhood, going so far as to delete the word “mother” from the Newspeak Dictionary. Yet until social engineers find a way to abolish them, mothers still exist. What to call them?

Our Historic First Faux-Female Four-Star Admiral Richard “Rachel” Levine probably doesn’t know port from starboard, but he is the go-to guy when it comes to political correctness. Let’s review his recent junket to Alaska to see what we can learn:

Assistant Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine praised the Alaskan gender clinic Identity Alaska during a visit to the facility on Aug. 6…

Identity Alaska does more than transsexualize children and the sexually deranged. It also offers linguistic guidance to those who struggle to keep abreast of politically acceptable vocabulary:

Lesson guides put out by the clinic recommend that the word “mother” not be used, and instead replaced with “gestational parent,” “birth parent,” “egg producer” or “carrier.”

Now that we have been offered alternatives, there can be no excuse for uttering the forbidden M-word. Expect its use to result in cancelation.

On a tip from Tlabia Majora.

Aug 05 2023

Black Riots Now to Be Called “Large Gatherings”

Chicago entered the terminal stage of the Democrat Death Spiral with the election of ultramoonbat Brandon Johnson, who openly sides with rioters. The result was inevitable — an explosion of public disorder:

This isn’t the first “teen takeover” in Chicago recently.

In addition to the usual looting and vandalism, crimes were committed against language, as Matt Walsh observes:

Notice the media calls this a “teen takeover,” which is maybe the most innocuous possible term they could use. It sounds like a birthday party at the local swimming pool. In reality, as anyone can see, it was rioting. And by the way, not all of the criminals were “teens.”

Sure they were, keeping in mind that “teens” in the context of crime means “blacks.”

Democrat rule requires euphemisms for euphemisms. Mayor Brandon struck “teen takeover” from the Newspeak Dictionary by declaring that mob actions must now be referred to as “large gatherings”:

Johnson reportedly snapped at a reporter for calling young rioters a “mob,” insisting they were just “large gatherings” — and that labeling the riots “mob actions” was inappropriate.

“That’s not appropriate,” the newly minted mayor said in response to a reporter’s question about trends like “mob actions” the city has endured.

“We’re not talking about mob actions. I didn’t say that,” Johnson barked back. “These large gatherings … it’s important that we speak of these dynamics in an appropriate way.”

Note that if Caucasians are involved, a riot is not a “large gathering.” It is an “insurrection” — unless the Caucasians are Antifa thugs, in which case the riot is a “protest for social justice.”

Total crime in the Windy City was up 36% year-to-date as of July 30 – with motor vehicle theft up by a whopping 116%, statistics show. Every area of crime other than shootings and murders have seen an increase so far this year compared with last.

Chicagoans must want this, or they would not have replaced Lori Lightfoot with someone even worse.

On a tip from Jack D.

Jul 08 2023

Newspeak Dictionary Update: Bonus Hole

The ruling class has been waging war on biology in the name of gender psychosis. This requires new terminology regarding physical anatomy. To demonstrate adulation of transsexuals, vaginas will henceforth be referred to as “bonus holes,” in accordance with a politically compliant glossary for healthcare professionals:

Female rights campaigners today rounded on the alternative glossary, branding it both “misogynistic” and “utterly dehumanizing”.

It is featured on charitable organisation Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust on a page for health professionals who are treating patients who have the disease.

Fortunately for women who feel degraded by the phrase “bonus hole,” our rulers can be flexible. They offer an alternate term:

The page also features a suggestion that the vagina might also be referred to as a “front hole”.

As Conservatives for Women founder Caroline Ffiske explains, the point is not merely to degrade real women, but to encourage people to hate their own bodies:

“To my mind it is grooming: create the unease, the disassociation, the alienation, and then when you have done that, you step in with euphoric rhetoric about ‘trans joy’.

“Fill the void you have created. Of course those doing this will not be around to pick up the pieces when young bodies are irreversibly damaged and young lives destroyed.”

Don’t you dare not use the new terminology:

The glossary says it was created with the help of the LGBT Foundation.

Its adds that using the wrong terms if a person does not use them can lead to them feeling hurt or distressed.

Providing LGBT crybullies with a pretext to feel hurt or distressed is thoughtcrime of the first order. Soon it will literally be a felony in Michigan. So update your Newspeak Dictionary at once.

On a tip from Heckrules.

Jul 02 2023

Newspeak Dictionary Updates from UNC

Words that are acceptable one day are strictly forbidden the next, so to avoid cancelation as a thought criminal, you must diligently keep abreast of updates to the Newspeak Dictionary. The leftist martinets running the University of North Carolina have more:

Carolina is committed to creating an inclusive and equitable learning environment for every Tar Heel. To fully represent the diversity of our students, faculty, staff and everyone in our community, it is important to use language that supports these values. This inclusive language guide can act as a starting point for communicating in a way that supports a diverse and welcoming community.

Not even UNC is diverse enough to welcome those who do not conform to rigid speech restrictions in obeisance to official ideology.

Newly banned words include “man,” “mankind,” “he,” and “man-made.” This reflects not only the liberal hatred of all things masculine but also the greater war on biological reality, so terms that acknowledge the existence of women are also forbidden (“she,” “stewardess”). “Mother” and “father” are to be replaced by “guardian.”

Calling bums “homeless” is no longer sufficiently politically correct. Now they must be referred to as “people experiencing homelessness” or “people who are homeless.” This is based on the principle that the more syllables you waste, the more reverence you are expressing, which is why we must say “African American” rather than the more accurate term “Negro.” Be advised that we are no longer allowed to use “nonparallel designations.” “African Americans and Whites,” must be replaced by “African Americans and European Americans.”

“Transgender” is no longer an acceptable term for “cross-dressing weirdo.” Replacement options are “gender-nonconforming,” “gender queer,” “nonbinary,” “gender-expansive,” “agender,” and “Two-Spirit.”

You must always use preferred pronouns. However, you must not refer to them as “preferred pronouns,” because that “implies a choice about gender.” Men who chose to pretend to be women were born that way, according to progressive doctrine.

Keep in mind that even an accidental violation of woke language restrictions may be viewed as defiance. Those who defy liberal dictates are racists, homophobes, transphobes, and Threats to Our Democracy. In Michigan, using words that members of the LGBT community regard as defiant will soon be punishable by actual imprisonment.

On tips from The Great Cornholio and Franco. Hat tips: Global Research, Summit News.

Jun 24 2023

“Gynosexual” Added to Newspeak Dictionary

It may now be possible for white guys to achieve privilege without the humiliation of proclaiming themselves to be perverts, thanks to the ongoing expansion of LGBTQIAetc and a recent update to the Newspeak Dictionary:

People who are attracted to women or femininity may be “gynosexual,” according to an article published in Men’s Health magazine last month.

“The number of terms and identities under the LGBTQ+ umbrella is ever-growing, allowing more and more people to describe their sexuality with words that make sense to them,” the article began. “One word you may not have heard that is helping some people express who they are is ‘gynosexual.’”

Liberals stridently preach the value of inclusion, so they shouldn’t mind adding a second G for “gynosexual.” This would include in the Alphabet Mafia normal men whose sexual proclivities are not diseased.

Freelancer and sex educator Suzannah Weiss, who authored the piece, quoted sex educator Lilith Fox as saying the term refers to those who are “sexually attracted to the gender identity of the femme-presenting person they are attracted to.”

Translated out of pretentious Liberalese, the gobbledygook means “women.”

The actual purpose of saying “gynosexual” instead of “normal” is to portray health as just another disease among many.

On a tip from Steve T.

Jun 15 2023

Johns Hopkins Erases Women

Liberals cannot define what a woman is because according to their current dogma there can be no such creature. Consequently, the liberal establishment is erasing them:

The prestigious Johns Hopkins University has erased the word ‘women’ from a newly produced ‘inclusive language guide’ in its definition of the term ‘lesbian’.

The Baltimore-based university is known for its excellence in education and research, particularly in the field of medicine and recognized as one of the top medical institutions in the world.

It remains to be seen how long this reputation can be maintained by an institution that denies biological reality at a level so fundamental as to be understood by infants.

[T]he current definition of ‘lesbian’ describes it as ‘a non-man attracted to non-men’.

This is on the level:

Where once there were women, now there are “non-men.” Update your Newspeak Dictionary accordingly.

On a tip from Franco.

May 25 2023

Broadcaster Fired Over Newspeak Dictionary Transgression

It isn’t easy to find racism against blacks in a society where the ultimate faux pas is to fail to show sufficient reverence for them. Fortunately for the thought police, new crimes against political correctness can always be invented through modification of the Newspeak Dictionary and through punishment of accidental infractions. For example:

Oakland A’s broadcaster Glen Kuiper was let go by NBC Sports California after using a racial slur during a telecast while describing a trip to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.

Kuiper uttered the forbidden N-word. No, not that N-word. The other one: “Negro.” For reasons that have never been made clear, this word is no longer permissible, possibly not even while discussing the United Negro College Fund or the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. Kuiper compounded his infraction by mispronouncing the word.

“Following an internal review, the decision has been made for NBC Sports California to end its relationship with Glen Kuiper, effective immediately,” the network said in a statement Monday. “We thank Glen for his dedication to Bay Area baseball over the years.”

The thanks he gets is a shoeprint on the seat of his pants because a word came out of his mouth the wrong way.

Meanwhile, down the Left Coast, the thanks Christian fans get is to see perverts revered for ridiculing their faith. Offend people all you want in leftist realms like profession sports; just don’t accidently offend those who are “oppressed.”

On tips from Wiggins and Franco.

May 25 2023

Henry Louis Gates Helps Revise Newspeak Dictionary

Normally, revisions to the Newspeak Dictionary consist of deletions, as our ruling class constricts the realm of permissible thought by restricting our vocabulary. However, new words can be added when it serves liberal purposes — for example, by asserting Afrocentrism.

The New York Times effuses that new words include “bussin” and “boo”:

Those were two of the first 100 words that the Oxford University Press said it had prepared to include in the Oxford Dictionary of African American English, the hopeful result of the three-year research project announced last spring.

The researchers say they aim to publish a first batch of 1,000 definitions — some words and phrases will have more than one — by March 2025. But the more important goal of the project, which will be edited by Henry Louis Gates Jr., a scholar of African American history at Harvard University, is to underscore the significance of African American English and to create a resource for future research into Black speech, history and culture.

If the name rings a bell, Gates is the insufferable Harvard professor who contrived a racial incident by behaving like a spoilt child when the police temporarily prevented him from breaking into his own house, having no way of knowing he was the owner. Fellow race-baiter Barack Obama exploited the incident to stage the farcical Beer Summit, at which black members of our liberal ruling class held their noses and pretended to tolerate the sort of working class white guy who becomes a police officer. Historical note: Obama drank Bud Light, naturally.

Rap lyrics are cited as a source of new words social engineers want to inject into English. The dictionary may warrant an NC17 rating.

Many of the listed neologisms have a connection with slavery. The idea is to make an institution that ended going on 2 centuries ago seem currently relevant so it can be exploited for political purposes.

In addition to appearing in the Oxford Dictionary of African American English, the entries will also be added to the wider word bank of the Oxford English Dictionary, Gates said. …

More than just a collection of words, Gates said, the new dictionary will serve as a record of the ways Black people have molded the English language to protect themselves and also keep a morsel of autonomy in a world that would have them have none.

Everything that isn’t about LGBTism or the global warming hoax is about the sacred oppressedness of blacks — including even the dictionary.

On a tip from Lyle.

May 04 2023

University of Texas Educrats Push Woke Vocabulary

Another word for “Liberalese” is “Orwellian.” When wokesters say one thing, they mean the opposite. For example, when they bark about the need to impose “inclusion,” what they mean is “exclusion.” Excluding those they hate in the name of tolerance transports progressives into a delirious ecstasy of vindictiveness. Some get so carried away that, apparently oblivious to the derisive laughter they inspire, they try to exclude the syllable “men” from the word “women.”

From the University of Texas at the moonbat foothold Austin:

The Office of Financial and Administrative Services at the university lists a glossary of terms on a webpage embedded within its “Diversity Commitment,” denoting them all as “language [that] matters.” Among the terms listed are “Wimmin,” “Womyn” and “Womxn,” which the glossary says are all alternatives to the traditional spelling of the word “Women.”

“Wimmin: A nonstandard spelling of the word ‘women’ used by feminists to avoid the word ending ‘-men,'” the University of Texas glossary of terms lays out.

The point of made-up words like “womxn” is “to get away from patriarchal language,” according to the University of Texas. Not being in favor of using such a foolish neologism is denounced in the harshest terms as “a very white thing.”

Maybe educrats are not oblivious to our laughter after all. The glossary has been deleted from UT’s Financial and Administrative Services website.

On a tip from Franco.


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