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Jun 16 2022

Vocabulary as a Weapon

At first glance, postmodernism appears to be a juvenile posture, an ironic embrace of literal insanity that no one outside of academia would have time for. Yet it forms the basis of critical theory, the ideology of our ruling class. This is because postmodernism focuses on power and provides useful tactics for securing it.

Postmodernists hold that objective reality is nonexistent or irrelevant. What matters is the alternative reality they can create through control of language. That is why liberals are obsessed with policing what we can say.

It is not by accident that swamps are now called “wetlands,” bums are called “homeless,” and privileges bestowed by authoritarians are called rights — as a master countermoonbat explains in the video below. Via Thomas Sowell Wisdom:

This is why progressive revisions to the Newspeak Dictionary are relentless, and why they must be ignored.

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Jun 10 2022

“Morbid Obesity” Struck From Newspeak Dictionary

As the medical profession succumbs to moonbattery, diseases cannot even be named, lest those afflicted by them feel stigmatized. Consequently, “morbid obesity” has been struck from the medical edition of the Newspeak Dictionary, woke researchers having denounced it as offensive.

Critics … slammed the recommendation, published in a leading obesity journal, saying it was ‘odd’ given morbid obesity is a clinical term.

Sure, it is a clinical term — just like a certain form of sexual depravity was listed in the DSM that clinicians are now required to affirm, revere, and encourage rather than acknowledge as an unhealthy disorder. Progress keeps marching.

[I]ndustry experts agreed that ‘less stigmatising’ language was crucial in the battle against the bulge, saying ‘words truly do matter’.

Joe Nadglowski, president of the Obesity Action Coalition, said: ‘The old expression “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” doesn’t apply for those living with obesity.’

These days, it doesn’t apply for anybody. You don’t bully people with sticks and stones anymore. You bully them by accusing them of bullying you.

It comes after a separate team of researchers claimed the word obesity is racist and should be dropped in favour of ‘people in larger bodies’.

If a word is racist, that settles it. From now on, it must be referred to only as the O-word.

Looks like a journal needs a name change:

The proposed change to obesity language was made by a group of British experts writing in the journal Obesity, which describes itself as ‘the premier source of information… for people with obesity’.

The term “morbid obesity” describes a body mass index over 35, which is associated with a high risk of death. But death is no big deal in our culture compared to offensiveness.

The next step is for oncology journals to ban the word “cancer.” Telling people they have cancer makes them feel bad.

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May 27 2022

Word “Chief” Stricken From Newspeak Dictionary

Someone needs to get word to the servile liberals running the NFL. Like the Washington Redskins, the Kansas City Chiefs require a name change, as the word “chief” has been stricken from the English language by wokescolds:

The San Francisco Unified School District announced it will remove the word from its jobs titles. …

The school district said the decision was prompted after concerns were raised by Native American community members, The San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Indians must get a kick out of crybullying palefaces by pretending that anodyne words offend them. By agreeing to delete words from our own language on an arbitrary basis, we kneel in obeisance before them. Dominance and submission are the point of designating language as “offensive.”

Although libs apparently think otherwise, “chief” is not from any Indian language. It has been an English word meaning “head of a group” dating back to before the discovery of the New World. Like a lot of English vocabulary, it comes from a French word that in turn comes from a Latin word.

Sniggers the Wall Street Journal,

“Farewell great Chiefe,” says a character in Shakespeare’s “Antony and Cleopatra.” That’s dated to the early 1600s. Somehow we doubt he was thinking about the Sioux. A biblical translation from William Tyndale in 1526 speaks of “the power of Belzebub, the chefe of the devyls.” The earliest examples are hard to parse unless you’re fluent in Beowulfese, but here’s one we grasp from 1483, a decade before Columbus sailed to the west: “She was made abbesse and chyef of al the monasterye.”

Don’t San Francisco schools have English teachers who can explain this?

Probably not. English teachers specialize in moonbattery now, and have little time for anything else.

Stand by for more petty tyranny directed at the English language. The US Department of the Interior, which is run by a radical leftist you had better not call a squaw, spends some of the money confiscated from us through taxation and inflation on a Derogatory Geographic Names Task Force.

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May 06 2022

Newspeak Dictionary Update: Parasite Not Baby

While pranking passersby to see how they would react to abortion clinics at Walmart, Mark Dice came across a timely update to the Newspeak Dictionary. We are no longer to refer to babies as “babies” unless the mother decides not to kill them. Otherwise, we are to refer to babies as “parasites.”

Pure evil doesn’t really look like the latex demons in horror movies. It is more likely to look like the girl in the crop top in the video below:

If they have that much contempt for the worth of an innocent baby’s life, imagine how little they must value the lives of sexists, racists, homophobes, et cetera.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Apr 26 2022

Word “Marijuana” Proclaimed to Be Racist

Google Docs may need adjustment to flag the word “marijuana,” because the moonbats running Washington State have deleted it from the Newspeak Dictionary on the grounds that it is racist:

Legislators recently passed a law that changes every Revised Code of Washington with the word “marijuana.” The change gets rid of the term, swapping it out for the word “cannabis.”

Supporters say the word “marijuana” has a long history of racism.

Good thing they have other words to use instead. Democrats encourage the use of marijuana because of course they do, so long as we refer to it with approved language.

Barks Democratic State Rep Melanie Morgan:

“Even though it seems simple because it’s just one word, the reality is we’re healing the wrongs that were committed against Black and Brown people around cannabis.”

No doubt her eyes misted over as she was swept away by this great historic moment.

The word “marijuana” is mainly racist becomes it comes from Spanish, implying in the minds of Evergreen State bureauweenies that Mexican immigrants were accused of smoking it back when it was bad.

This means the word is also transphobic, as Spanish is a gendered language that insists on the male/female dichotomy. If you must use the word “marijuana,” please say “marijuanx” instead, just as you would say “Latinx,” so as not to offend our transsexual cultural overlords.

On a tip from seaoh.

Apr 26 2022

Google Docs to Automatically Alert Users to Thoughtcrime

Excisions from the Newspeak Dictionary come so fast and furious that even the most devoutly obedient liberal runs the risk of cancelation by his own mob for using a previously innocuous but now forbidden word. To address this problem, Google will automatically present warnings when people stray from political correctness by using disfavored terms like “policeman” and “landlord”:

The warnings will alert users that what they have typed “may not be inclusive to all readers,” while suggesting users should “Consider using different words,” offering woke corrections like ‘police officer’ or ‘property owner’.

Other words regarded as offensive include “motherboard” and “mankind.”

This Google Docs feature is on by default for “enterprise-level users.” No doubt applications will be found for this technology on the Google search engine.

Eventually, Google will devise an intracranial chip that automatically blocks and replaces incorrect thoughts. That is the ultimate objective of the liberal war on our vocabulary.

On a tip from Franco.

Apr 11 2022

Feds Get Serious About Erasing Word “Squaw”

The ideology of our woke overlords rests on the belief that whites are mean to racial groups that liberals prefer. To prop up this crumbling lie, leftists resort to hate hoaxes and to declaring neutral terms to be derogatory.

In an irritating demonstration of authoritarian arrogance and phony virtue signaling, Democrats piously demanded that Squaw Peak — among the most prominent features of Phoenix — be referred to as “Piestewa Peak.” People still call Squaw Peak “Squaw Peak,” but never on TV.

The large number of landmarks throughout the country with the formerly anodyne term “squaw” in the name now constitutes evidence that America is racist, as per liberal doctrine.

No worries, oppressed Indians. Democrats will ride to your rescue by erasing our heritage:

The United States Department of the Interior (DOI) proposed a list of new names for more than 660 geographic features across the country last month, the agency announced in a statement.

Led by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, the first Native American to serve as cabinet secretary, the February 2022 release of the list marks the next step in a sweeping plan to remove the racist and misogynist slur “squaw” from the national geographic landscape. Hundreds of U.S. geographic sites, including mountains, rivers, lakes, remote islands and more, currently are named using the word, report Neil Vigdor and Christine Hauser for the New York Times.

How much money they will print to pay for this gesture was not disclosed.

The word “squaw” is now so thoroughly canceled that bureaucrats will not put it in writing lest they be accused of a thought crime. Instead, they right “sq___” or refer to it as the “S word.”

Which word will be designated as “racist and misogynist” next is anyone’s guess. Finding a suitable candidate is the sort of thing overpaid federal bureaucrats do with their time, as inflation spirals out of control, inner cities degenerate into violent anarchy, a vast conquering army of illegal aliens pours across the border, and America circles the drain.

On a tip from Jack Bauer.

Mar 09 2022

UN Removes “War” and “Invasion” From Newspeak Dictionary

Did the 24/7 media coverage convince you that there is a war in Ukraine? Did you think Russia had invaded? Then you are using an outmoded version of the Newspeak Dictionary and should update at once, in light of new revisions from the United Nations:

The United Nations’ Department of Global Communications instructed staff of the international organisation not to refer to the situation in Ukraine as a “war” or “invasion”, in a move to balance political sensitivities as powerful member state Russia cracks down domestically on those who use the words.

Instead, UN staff were instructed to use the terms “conflict” or “military offensive” to describe Russia’s invasion of its neighbour, which has killed hundreds of civilians and forced two million people to flee the country.

In an email to a staff mailing list on Monday with the subject line “Ukraine crisis communications guidelines”, the director of the United Nations Regional Information Centre instructed employees not to describe the situation as a war and not to add the Ukrainian flag to personal or official social media accounts or websites.

Globalist bureauweenies have to be mindful of certain sensitivities. The only countries they don’t need to worry about offending are the USA and Israel.

The UN might have issued a resolution condemning the “military offensive” against Ukraine. But that is off the table, because Russia can block it as a permanent member of the Security Council.

That’s how useful the United Nations is. That’s what American taxpayers gets for our $11 billion per year.

On a tip from Mr. Freemarket.

Jan 31 2022

Anti-Defamation League Redefines Racism

Under liberal rule, we are told we are racists, and that this is the worst thing imaginable, by people whose worldview is quintessentially racist. Even some progressives may have enough self-awareness to feel squeamish about denouncing dissidents as racist while imposing an ideology centered on worship of blacks and hatred of whites. No matter; as their endless subtractions from the Newspeak Dictionary prove, leftists control the language.

The social justice warriors of the Anti-Defamation League are changing the definition of “racism” so as to exculpate racists like themselves. Their new definition of racism:

Racism: The marginalization and/or oppression of people of color based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people.

Racism isn’t racism; racism is what evil white people do.

Not even low-IQ race hustler Ibram X. Kendi could come up with a more preposterous definition. His definition of racism takes the circular route: “a collection of racist policies that lead to racial inequity that are substantiated by racist ideas.”

Expect Merriam-Webster to adopt the ADL definition soon.

A passage from Lewis Carroll comes to mind:

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”

“The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

“The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master — that’s all.”

That was before the word “master” was excised from the Newspeak Dictionary.

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Jan 29 2022

University of Washington Newspeak Dictionary Updates

To avoid cancelation, it is essential to keep up to the moment with academia’s deluge of updates to the Newspeak Dictionary. In its IT Inclusive Language Guide, the University of Washington Information Technology Department excludes still more of our language on grounds of political incorrectness. The guide helpfully provides explanations as to why banned terms are “problematic.”

“Blackout date,” “black list,” “blackbox,” and “black hat hacker” are forbidden because according to establishment ideology, you must never associate black with anything bad. By the same token, “white list,” “white hat hacker,” etc. are off limits because you must never associate white with anything good. The terms “master/slave” and “webmaster” are nixed because of slavery, which according to our rulers’ religion has only ever affected blacks.

Other terms are found objectionable for less obvious reasons. Here’s why the term “grandfathered” makes the list:

“Grandfather clause” originated in the American South in the 1890s as a way to defy the 15th Amendment and prevent black Americans from voting.

You can’t say “brown bags” either, because,

Brown bags trace back to the “brown paper bag test,” which was traditionally used to judge skin color by certain African-American sororities and fraternities.

You can’t say “cakewalk,” because,

The cakewalk was a pre-Civil War dance performed by enslaved people, and the winner of which would be given a cake.

You can’t say “peanut gallery,” because,

Peanut gallery originally referred to the balconies of segregated theaters, where African Americans had to sit.

In our culture, everything has something to do with advantaged blacks actually being somehow oppressed, just as in the USSR under Lenin everything had something to do with overthrowing the already extirpated bourgeoisie.

You can’t say “lower the bar,” because,

This phrase is based on the erroneous idea that a company has to relax hiring standards in order to add people from different racial, ethnic, gender backgrounds.

Kamala Harris and our next Supreme Court Justice are cases in point.

The list goes on at some length, reminding us what educrats do for their bloated, heavily taxpayer-subsidized salaries. Tough luck if you went into IT instead of liberal arts in hopes of avoiding political indoctrination.

Eventually, they will pare down the Newspeak Dictionary until every phrase in the English language has been erased except for “Black Lives Matter!” At that point, we will be free of thoughtcrime, because we will not have the vocabulary to think incorrect thoughts.

On a tip from Mr. Freemarket.

Jan 21 2022

Gavin Newsom Strikes “Gangs” From Newspeak Dictionary

The word “gang” has been struck from the Newspeak Dictionary. Henceforth, we are to replace it with “groups of folks.” To speak otherwise would be to risk offending gangbangers, who qualify for protected status because if they ever voted, it would be for Democrats.

With each passing day, the list of permissible vocabulary gets shorter. Soon we will not have words to express thoughtcrime.

On a tip from Varla.

Jan 16 2022

Microsoft Political Correctness Checker

Just when you thought woke scolds could not possibly become any more intrusive, Microsoft embeds a political correctness checker in Word:

When switched on, spelling mistakes are underlined in red, grammar errors in blue and “inclusiveness” issues in purple. …

The checker can be turned on and off in a menu called “Grammar & Refinements”, which lists everything it checks: Age bias, Cultural bias, Ethnic slurs, Gender bias, Gender-Neutral Pronouns, Gender-Specific Language, Racial Bias, Sexual Orientation Bias and Socioeconomic Bias.


Users who write “Mrs Thatcher” are told it “may imply gender bias” and are prompted to change it to the supposedly less offensive “Ms Thatcher”.

And the phrase astronaut Neil Armstrong uttered when he became the first person on the moon is not deemed acceptable.

Rather than “one giant leap for mankind”, he should have said “humankind” or “humanity”.

The word “mankind” is deemed thoughtcrime by our Big Tech overlords.

It also proposes changing “maid” — used for centuries to describe female housekeepers — to “house cleaner”.

Others to change include “headmaster” (Word suggests “principal”), “mistress” (“lover”), “master” (“expert”), “manpower” (“workforce”) and “heroine” (“hero”).

The aptly named digital strategist John Bull praises the political correctness checker:

“Your spellchecker will now help you to start overcoming your subconscious biases. It’s a brilliant feature.”

The allegedly brilliant feature is included in the latest version of Office 365. Future versions might provide electric shocks through the keyboard to those who type words that have been deleted from the Newspeak Dictionary, the better to cure us of our subconscious biases.

On a tip from Mr. Freemarket.

Dec 20 2021

Campus Concerts, Outdoor Recreation Revealed as Racist

Even now, whiteness festers in pockets where it has not yet been hunted down and extirpated by the forces of social justice. Two more havens for whiteness have been exposed: campus concerts and outdoor recreation.

Via the Washington Examiner:

The student newspaper at an Ohio college known for its left-leaning politics published a column decrying the number of white students attending campus concerts.

“When there are so few resources for non-white students on campus, it can be upsetting when concerts headlined by artists of color are dominated by white students,” wrote Kayla Kim, a first-year student at Oberlin College.

Kayla finds it hurtful that majority white students displace black students from the front row at such events. No doubt Democrats will introduce federal legislation to address the crisis of white people hogging up front rows.

As for outdoor recreation, Brittany Hughes breaks the news that it too is infested with racist whiteness:

Please note that the word “carabiner” is to be removed from the list of permissible vocabulary because it reminds the thought police of the slang term “Beaner.” Update your copy of the Newspeak Dictionary accordingly.

On tips from Dragon’s Lair and Occam’s Stubble.

Dec 14 2021

European Commission’s Newspeak Dictionary

A favorite aspect of George Orwell’s 1984 among leftists is the concept of limiting thought by limiting language. This was picked up in the 1960s by French postmodernists and from there became a bedrock principle of critical theory, the umbrella ideology of our leftist ruling class. Europe’s rulers have even created their own equivalent of Orwell’s Newspeak Dictionary. They call it Guidelines on Inclusive Communication. The following rules are among the many to be “followed at all times”:

Never use gendered nouns such as ‘workmen, policemen’ or masculine pronouns (he, his) as a default.

In English, “he” is used in to mean “he or she.” Not in Newspeak though. In English, “workpersons” sounds preposterous and sets off the spell checker. In Newspeak, it showcases the speaker’s political correctness.

Never address an audience as ‘ladies and gentlemen’ but use expressions such as ‘Dear colleagues’.

There may be moonbats present who are neither ladies nor gentlemen.

When addressing trans people, always respect self-identification.

That is, subordinate objective biological reality to radical LGBT ideology.

Do not use terms with a negative connotation such as ‘suffering from HIV’, ‘suffering from autism’, ‘wheelchair-bound’ (use ‘with HIV’, ‘with autism’, ‘wheelchair user’ instead).

It would be stigmatizing to imply that there is anything negative about having the virus that causes AIDS.

Be sure to study the entire manual carefully lest you commit a speechcrime, keeping in mind that just because everyone has used a given expression for centuries is no reason to assume that it is currently acceptable.

The guide provides helpful reminders like this:

[I]f we always portray mothers as child-carers, we perpetuate harmful stereotypes.

Only a thought criminal would be exclusive of mothers who choose to abandon their children.

Another reminder is particularly appropriate for this time of year. Never say “Christmas.” Until it has been abolished completely, refer to it only as an unspecified “holiday.” The word “Christmas” is an obscenity in Newspeak.

Refer to the Vigilant Citizen for more on this version of the Newspeak Dictionary, as well as other key Newspeak updates. Remember: let slip a word that has been canceled and you yourself may be canceled.

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