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Oct 19 2022

Black Teen Makes White Power Death Threat

Alert the FBI at once. If praying near an abortion clinic calls for dozens of heavily armed agents, they will want to deploy a whole army now that we have evidence that there really is racism against blacks:

A Lafayette [Alabama] 18-year-old will face a terror charge after threatening to shoot Black people at the upcoming Opelika Fair.

Ruling class suspicions that the South festers with violent racists have been confirmed:

Opelika police began investigating the Facebook post Sept. 19 where the poster … said he and his friends “are coming to [the] Opelika Alabama fair to kill every NEGRO that we lay eye contact on so be prepared. WHITE POWER.”

The poster’s profile included the Confederate battle flag…

Wait a second, that was a month ago. Why are we only now hearing about it? Why hasn’t this been blasted across the front page of every newspaper in the country?

Here’s why:

The suspect, 18-year-old Pharrell Smith, was arrested on unrelated charges on October 6. If it weren’t for MRCTV, we may never have heard about it.

The threats were posted under the name “Dylann Cruz.” If only another Dylann Roof would turn up, mainstream media propagandists would have something to report. In the meantime, they prop up their narrative as best they can by selectively ignoring stories that don’t fit.

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