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Dec 27 2020

BLM Booers Face Reeducation or Ban

Not only are athletes required to genuflect to Black Lives Matter rioters or face media castigation, fans are required to refrain from disapproving. Punishments for fans who boo displays of reverence for this violent hard left movement include banning and reeducation.

The Atlantic Ocean is not wide enough to protect England from compulsory BLM worship. From the Daily Mail:

Cambridge United have handed a stadium ban to fans who booed players taking a knee before their home game against Colchester.

Other fans have been asked to undertake education around discrimination and equality before they are allowed back into the Abbey Stadium.

Summit News interprets:

In other words, fans will have to sit through patronizing lectures about “diversity” and Black Lives Matter and feign agreement or face a stadium ban.

Why might British fans not want games hijacked by BLM supporters for propaganda purposes? Are they racists? Probably not; there are plenty of better reasons:

Over the summer, BLM rioters desecrated war memorials, set fire to the Union Jack flag, vandalized the Winston Churchill monument and violently attacked police.

Their political agenda also openly espouses a marxist agenda to destroy capitalism and completely subvert western civilization.

The kneeling began when NFL benchwarmer Colin Kaepernick segued from a fading sports career to a lucrative job as a professional moonbat by kneeling in disrespect for the flag when the national anthem was played. This evolved into a gesture of obeisance to Black Lives Matter in American sports during the height of the movement’s rioting, as Marxists used intimidation to advance their political agenda by looting and burning down businesses and destroying statues of the Founding Fathers.

Why do British soccer players feel compelled to kneel to these thugs? Why are fans not permitted to show understandable disgust? Big League Politics explains:

Black Lives Matter hasn’t proved as impactful in other English-speaking nations such as Britain- a largely homogeneous country- but the progressive cultural elite has increasingly sought to implement its ideals as a state religion, comparable to their practice in the United States.

Liberal race-based ideology has evolved into a mandatory global religion, and blaspheming its sacred rituals is not to be tolerated.

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