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Aug 14 2020

BLM Is Not About Police Brutality or Treating Blacks Fairly

Leftists promote Black Lives Matter by falsely conflating its ideology with opinions most everyone agrees with. Who doesn’t think blacks should be treated fairly? Who doesn’t think police brutality is bad?

As a rule though, blacks are already treated fairly in the USA, and police brutality is not a widespread problem. Who would you rather be, a black in the USA or any regular citizen in Russia, China, or Zimbabwe? Whose police would you rather be arrested by?

What Black Lives Matter actually stands for (and has athletes taking a knee for) is less anodyne, as can be confirmed by listening to the “mostly peaceful protesters” themselves rather than the spin doctors who empower them.

For example, on the day following the devastating looting in Chicago Sunday night, protesters posed with a large sign proclaiming, “OUR FUTURES HAVE BEEN LOOTED FROM US… LOOT BACK.”

Also on Monday, Chicago Black Lives Matter organizer Ariel Atkins encouraged further looting by characterizing it as “reparations” for historical racial grievances.

To openly advocate looting is not moderate or even civilized. Neither is demanding that whites give up their homes:

The video above was recorded in Seattle, in case you are wondering why there are no police around to maintain public order.

Something else that most everyone agrees on is that bullying, lawlessness, and racial animus are bad.

On tips from ABC of the ANC, DCGere, and KirklesWorth. Hat tip: Power Line.


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One Response to “BLM Is Not About Police Brutality or Treating Blacks Fairly”

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