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Aug 11 2020

Seattleites Back the Blue; City Council Defunds Anyway

Looks like no one has spiked the water supply with LSD after all. The people of Seattle have spoken, even if their rulers are not listening.

On Sunday,

City residents turned out in droves for a “Back the Blue” rally outside city hall ahead of a major vote on Monday that would take funding away from the city’s police department.

Videos and photographs posted to social media showed what appeared to be thousands of people outside Seattle City Hall, adorned in blue shirts and holding signs to show support for law enforcement.

Antifa showed up in hopes of intimidating, but apparently did not have the numbers to break up the demonstration.

The City Council had already made cuts to the police department, during a period of incessant rioting that calls for more police, not less. On Monday, they doubled down on the moonbattery:

The Seattle City Council approved a complex budget package to cut spending for the Seattle Police Department. The vote was 7-1, with Councilmember Kshama Sawant as the only dissenting vote.

Kshama Sawant, who keeps her dials turned even further to the left than the rest of them, dissented because the cuts were not sufficiently extreme. The beleaguered SPD will only be reduced by 100 officers.

But the package was more than extreme enough for Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best, who promptly announced her resignation. Best is not a fan of mob rule.

She did her best. Unfortunately, it is not possible to police a city without support from the municipal government. Now she has more time to defend her home from moonbat commandos, and won’t have to rely on her neighbors.

Antipolice activists had demanded a 50% cut to police funding. Cutting funding at all in the face of arrogant demands by rioters sends a dangerous signal. Black Lives Matter is likely to draw the lesson that they will need to riot even more violently for their full demands to be met.

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