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Mar 20 2022

Bloomberg: Let Them Eat Lentils

Our liberal ruling class has more than one variation on Marie Antoinette’s infamous if apocryphal “Let them eat cake.” A favorite, in light of the gasoline crisis Democrats caused, is “Let them drive Teslas.” The left-wing elitists at Bloomberg introduce another in the face of inflation: “Let them eat lentils.”

Here’s how to deal, you peasants who make less than $300,000 and therefore get crushed by Democrat policy (unless you receive special privileges as a member of an “oppressed” identity group). In addition to giving up your cars and meat, you are advised not to eat in restaurants, to refrain from buying furniture and appliances, and to withhold expensive medical treatment from your pets.

These sacrifices need to be made not because of an unavoidable crisis, but because the party of the liberal elite controls the federal government. In accordance with Democrat policy, hyperregulation strangles economic production, and wasteful government spending bloats the money supply, syphoning the value out of our money. If the 2020 election had turned out differently, the economy would be booming, as it was under Trump before the Covid overreaction.

The Blaze reviews public responses to Bloomberg’s condescending advice, including these:

Tara Servatius: “Elites to those making less than 300k: you’ll own nothing, you won’t even be able to afford meat or a pet, and you’ll shut up and be happy.”

The global left-wing elite calls that plan the Great Reset.

Wesley Hunt: “Good news. According to Bloomberg, you can avoid all the disastrous policies of the Biden White House for just a mere $300k a year! Can you say, tone deaf?”

Bloomberg is 88% owned by zillionaire nanny state leftist Michael Bloomberg, who ran for president. Guess which party.

As an alternative to Bloomberg’s advice, a more effective way to address inflation would be to stop voting for Democrats.

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