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Nov 21 2023

Border Patrol Focuses on Alternative Pronouns for Illegals

Our moonbat rulers live in an alternate world, completely enveloped in their psychotic ideology. So divorced are they from reality that under Democrat control, rather than attempt to stem the largest invasion in human history, the Department of Homeland Security is focused on referring to the invaders by alternate pronouns so as to affirm sexual derangement.

Via Daily Fetched:

Joe Biden’s border Chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, is now ordering agents not to use the “incorrect pronouns” so they don’t misgender illegal migrants crossing the border.

“Incorrect” is Orwellian for “correct.” To “misgender” is Liberalese for referring to the sexually deranged by the pronouns that actually apply to them, rather than pronouns that comply with their delusions.

Mayorkas’s order requests border guards to ignore the biological distinction between sexes.

Odds are low that a significant percentage of the millions of welfare colonists pouring in to displace us from every corner of the Third World don’t identify as the sex they actually are. They haven’t been subjected to American schools.

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