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Nov 21 2023

Pentagon Spends Big on DEIA

While the Border Patrol focuses on alternate pronouns in hopes that a significant number of the millions of Third World welfare colonists pouring across the open border to displace us are sexually deranged, the Pentagon neglects national security in favor of leftist indoctrination:

The DOD has scaled up its spending on DEIA in the past three years, jumping from $68 million in fiscal year 2022 to $86.5 million in fiscal year 2023. But the figure surged another $28.2 million to $114.7 million in the department’s initial request for fiscal year 2024.

DEIA = diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. Not only white males and heterosexuals are disfavored, but also the physically able.

If the DOD’s initial request for DEIA funding is included in the final legislation, the department will have spent $269.2 million on diversity initiatives across fiscal years 2022, 2023, and 2024, an average of $89.7 million per year.

To finance this obscene waste, the regime debases the currency by printing more money. That is, Democrats steal the money from our savings.

The gargantuan sums signify priorities:

The department’s Strategic Management Plan for fiscal years 2022 to 2026 listed one of its goals as “inculcate DEIA principles across all DOD efforts.”

Here’s what that means:

The National Security Agency (NSA), which is part of the DOD, internally published a 34-page diversity, equity, and inclusion document, a recent investigation from The Daily Wire revealed. The leaked document pushes Critical Race Theory and transgender ideology, with terms like “white fragility,” “transmisogny,” “settler colonialism,” and even the pronouns “ze” and “zir.”

None of this will stop the ChiComs from invading Taiwan — or California for that matter.

It isn’t intended to. The military has been repurposed. If it existed to defend the country, it would be deployed to stop the invasion at the southern border. The purpose of the Pentagon is the same as for the rest of the federal bureaucracy: to funnel our money into the advancement of leftist ideology.

Democrats in the Senate have said that any budget proposal from House Republicans that reigns in diversity initiatives will have “no chance of passing.”

If we fail to scrape Democrats from power, not only will we lose WWIII, we will deserve to lose it.


The news comes only days after it was announced that the Pentagon failed its yearly audit for the sixth time in a row. As The Hill noted, auditors “found that half of the [DoD’s] assets can’t be accounted for.”

There are more immediate threats than communist China. America is getting looted to death by its enemies within.

On a tip from MrRightWingDave.


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