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Apr 17 2023

Brandon Johnson Sides With Rioters

Chicago did not even wait for ultramoonbat Brandon Johnson to take office before disintegrating into total anarchy. Unsurprisingly, Johnson sides with the rioters:

Chicago’s mayor-elect said the city should not demonize the teens who organized a ‘Teen Takeover’ of the Loop over the weekend, even after the event turned violent with cars burnt cars and minors shot.

Johnson bleats that “it is not constructive to demonize youth who have otherwise been starved of opportunities in their own communities.” Because being brought up on free money and then offered every advantage as members of the preferred racial group — first hired, last fired, immune from criticism — just isn’t enough.

Gunshots rang out with rounds striking two teenage boys aged 16 and 17 who were reported to be in stable condition as of Sunday. Cars were also left vandalized near East Washington Street in the Windy City, including a Tesla which is worth about $120,000.

Blowing $120,000 on an inferior mode of transportation like an electric car, presumably for ideological reasons, is pure moonbattery. A rich liberal’s Tesla destroyed by a mob of savages unleashed by liberalism has a poignant feel of poetic justice. But it is tragic to see America’s third largest city succumb to the Democrat Death Spiral and become another welfare state Mogadishu like Detroit.

Meanwhile, moonbats squeal with self-righteous rage when Walmart closes stores in this hellhole because theft and vandalism make it impossible to stay in business:

If we keep electing Brandons, before long the federal government will mandate that Walmart stores have to stay open in Chicago and give the merchandise away for free — until there isn’t any Walmart because it has gone bankrupt.

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2 Responses to “Brandon Johnson Sides With Rioters”

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