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May 21 2024

Bums Necessitate Removing Traffic Lights in Oakland

For a preview of America after the collapse of civilization, look to Oakland, where progressives have already achieved their demographic objectives. Utopia will not feature traffic lights:

A California city removed the traffic lights from a four-way intersection as the city grapples with thefts attributed to a massive homeless encampment nearby.

Oakland has been experiencing high crime and theft, including people stealing copper wires and the city’s infrastructure, according to locals who spoke to CBS News.

Bums have been stealing not only the wire but the electricity itself, thereby screwing up the traffic lights.

The city attempted to thwart criminals tampering with its electrical boxes by placing cement barriers over them – to no avail. Now, the city has taken to removing the traffic lights at a busy intersection and replacing them with stop signs.

Flushing away the drug-addled derelicts is out of the question. California spends a great deal of other people’s money to grow its impressive homeless population.

No worries. If Democrats remain in control of California, so few will be able to afford to drive that traffic lights won’t be needed anyway.

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