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May 21 2024

Californians Forbidden From Exercising Outdoors

Meanwhile, as Californians go without traffic lights because they cannot be maintained due to prevailing lawlessness, they also have to go without exercising outdoors due to prevailing excessive government. From San Diego:

A revision to the municipal code made it illegal for groups of four or more people to convene in public spaces for commercial recreational activities without a government stamp of approval.

To be “commercial” does not require money changing hands:

“It’s really tragic that the city would take away the opportunity to come to a class for free, to be outside in a public park, and to enjoy nature,” Amy Baack, a yoga instructor, told San Diego’s KGTV station. And despite what might be the gut reaction here—”Just get a permit!”—it appears the city isn’t making that easy: “We are perfectly willing and ready to get a permit,” Baack added, “if the city would allow it.”

Big Government bureauweenies put you in a round room and command you to pee in the corner.

San Diego says the core issue at stake is safety.

How would we ever be safe if not for the liberals who have driven the rate of violent crime into the stratosphere by promoting black criminality, marginalizing police, letting criminals run free, and disarming law-abiding citizens?

In California as in all parts of the USA where leftists have consolidated control, the system of government is anarchotyranny.

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