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Aug 21 2023

California Gets a Shot Across the Bow

No sign yet of rivers turning to blood, dust becoming lice, plagues of frogs, flies, and locusts, 3 days of darkness, or the death of first-born children, but judgment may be getting underway in sin-soaked California:

California residents raced a uniquely harrowing set of circumstances on Sunday as an earthquake shook the ground in the Los Angeles County area while Tropical Storm Hilary ravaged roads and caused severe flooding.

The rainbow that has been insolently appropriated and defiled is a symbol of God’s promise not to punish sin by flooding the world. That does not rule out a little high water:

Palm Springs has been submerged in a deluge of floodwater as Tropical Storm Hilary continues to batter California. …

Shocking footage emerged throughout Sunday of cars, trucks and ambulances swallowed by flood waters in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs is regarded as a gay mecca even by California standards.

Speaking of the LGBT community, in June a ceremony honoring the belligerently blasphemous Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence was held at Dodger Stadium. Now we read this:

Remarkable aerial footage showed the iconic home of the LA Dodgers – which has stood for more than six decades – engulfed in a sea of water after the first tropical storm to hit Southern California in 84 years.

Here’s the view from above:

Hilary is a gender-neutral name, so it fits with California politics. It means “cheerful” or “happy.”

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