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Jun 17 2023

Los Angeles Times Spins Dodgers Blasphemy

As forewarned, the Los Angeles Dodgers spat in the face of their fans on behalf of LGBTism with a ceremony yesterday honoring the extravagantly blasphemous anti-Catholic hate group the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. A massive crowd showed up to protest:

Meanwhile, inside the stadium,

There are more of us than there are of them. They manage to create the illusion that their sick ideology is normal and that those opposed to it are outliers because they control the media. The Los Angeles Times put the spin into overdrive to salvage this public relations disaster, excreting one of the most nauseating specimens of liberal propaganda I have ever endured:

You could have heard a pin drop. You could have seen hearts soar.

The Dodgers and the perverts dressed as gaudy nuns are predictably depicted as potential victims of violence at the hands of the peaceful Christians praying outside. A Sister of Perpetual Indulgence is reverently quoted:

“Whatever happens to me, I have to be there for them. This moment was given to us, it was a moral imperative for me to rise to that occasion on behalf of the people who believe in us.”

Count the LA Times among those who believe in the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence the way those who protested believe in real nuns. Readers are told that the LGBT militants’ message consists not of the ostentatious blasphemy that made them infamous but of “inclusion, hope, and love.”

For leverage, La Times brings in a moonbat who has infiltrated the Catholic Church and is helping to subvert it, Fr. Chris Ponnet, described as “spiritual director for the Los Angeles archdiocese’s Catholic Ministry With Lesbian and Gay Persons.” He opposes opposition to anti-Catholic bigotry:

Ponnet said that if strident Catholics aren’t careful, the alleged hate they are protesting can actually be coming from them.

“Part of our church position is not to bully, not to demonize, not to hate … and they’ve demonized and bullied,” he said.

Homosexuality is condemned in the most adamant terms throughout the Bible (as is pride). That there is a Catholic Ministry With Lesbian and Gay Persons is itself blasphemous. From there, we are at least half way to homosexuals dressed as nuns defecating on altars while the vermin comprising the media cheer and liberal priests scold us for not liking it.

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