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Jun 08 2023

California Moves to Further Encourage Shoplifting

When the leftists running California effectively legalized shoplifting, the inevitable result was such a looting spree that major retailers like Walgreens and Nordstrom have been shutting down operations. Now the state’s Democrat rulers have corrected their course. They realized that even if the police allow shoplifting, sometimes store employees step in to prevent it. No problem created by liberals is so awful that they cannot make it worse through more legislation:

The State Senate passed a new bill this week that supporters say would help keep employees safer from workplace violence. One aspect of the bill would prohibit companies from forcing their employees to confront shoplifters and require more training for workers.

State Sen. Dave Cortese says Senate Bill 553 is another step in the fight against workplace violence.

Liberals define violence they don’t like as speech and speech they don’t like as violence. By “workplace violence,” Cortese (a Democrat, of course) could be referring to employees asking looters to refrain from stealing the merchandise.

Unsurprisingly, the California Retailers Association does not support this latest facilitation of crime by Democrats. CRA president and CEO Rachel Michelin observes that “it will open the doors even wider for people to come in and steal from our stores.”

Even the establishment media is starting to figure out that the liberal rule it installed is not sustainable:

Government has few legitimate purposes. Among them is the defense of property rights. Unfortunately, we don’t have a government; its place has been taken by a mob of looters who have no more respect for property rights than the shoplifters emptying the shelves at Home Depot.

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