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Oct 08 2022

California Moves to Restrict Parking

Cars allow independence, so leftists hate them. In California, the war on cars goes beyond forcing people into inferior electric vehicles. The state’s Democrat rulers are also reducing parking:

[T]he state has recently adopted a law that prohibits local governments from setting minimum parking requirements for new buildings within half a mile of a transit hub such as a rail station or the intersection of two bus lines.

“Housing solutions are also climate solutions,” said California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, after signing the law on Sept. 23. “Reducing housing costs for everyday Californians and reducing emissions from cars: That’s what we call a win-win.”

How wonderful that moonbats like Newsom are improving the weather by leaving you with no place to park. Maybe this sudden commitment to reducing housing costs will motivate California Democrats to lighten up with the repressive regulations that have driven them into the stratosphere.

However, it is disappointing that the law does nothing to combat white privilege or help to affirm the cross-sexual identity of LGBT kindergartners. Maybe Newsom is saving that spin for the next malevolent decree to descend from Sacramento.

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