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Jul 25 2023

California Parents Cave to Newsom on LGBT Curriculum

Sometimes parents and even teachers put up a fight against progressives using public schools to indoctrinate innocent children in the ruling class ideology of politicized sexual depravity. Usually, it is not enough of a fight:

A Southern California school board on Friday adopted a social studies curriculum that includes gay rights that was approved by parents and teachers after initially rejecting it.

When CNN says “gay rights,” it means glorification of LGBTism.

Why did parents agree to this? Arms were twisted.

[Leftist Governor Gavin] Newsom previously warned that the district could be sanctioned if it didn’t use the state-approved curriculum.

Newsom denounced attempts to protect children from the glamorization of sexual sickness as “extremists’ desire to control information.”

Don’t worry, it isn’t as if children are being brainwashed into revering perverts who prey on them. According to Allison Barclay, a Temecula Valley Unified School District board member,

“There is no mention of Harvey Milk in the textbook that I know of,” she said. “He is listed in a supplemental section titled ‘Biographies’…”

Supervisor Harvey Milk was shot along with San Francisco Mayor George Moscone by Dan White, a former supervisor who became unhinged when he couldn’t get his job back. White received a wrist slap after using the infamous Twinkie defense. Because Milk was a pervert who molested children, the same sort of liberals who don’t want you to see Sound of Freedom exploited his death to enshrine him as a martyr to their cause. The Navy even named a ship after him.

We grew up with George Washington. The next generation will grow up with Harvey Milk. Because all societies need heroes.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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2 Responses to “California Parents Cave to Newsom on LGBT Curriculum”

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