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Jan 18 2021

Camp of the Saints Invasion Already Underway

With Joe Biden’s America Last handlers taking charge, the USA is ripe for invasion. The world knows that our territorial sovereignty will be regarded as “racist.” Occupying armies are already on the march:

Clashes broke out Friday night between migrants and Honduran security forces, as the caravan of illegal travelers attempted to cross the border into Guatemala.

These caravans tend to be unruly. They do not consist of the creme of Central America’s crop.

Guatemalan authorities have detained hundreds of Honduran migrants from the caravan including families with young children, though thousands of others were able to breach border security and continue their march northward, Reuters reported.

Soon the US Government will be leaning on Guatemala to let the invading armies cross through. Once here, eventual citizenship for the Third World’s most desperate is virtually guaranteed. This entails a First Class seat on the welfare gravy train and of course voting rights, which is the point for Biden’s handlers.

Some 6,500 souls are on the move, fleeing poverty and political corruption in the hope of ultimately finding a better life in the United States.

They won’t escape political corruption up here. On the contrary, they will be exploited to advance it.

It’s a good thing that large mobs approved of by Democrats cannot spread COVID-19. We learned this during the hundreds of Black Lives Matter riots, which got an enthusiastic thumbs up from the liberal establishment.

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