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Dec 01 2023

Canadian Pushback Against Federal Energy Moonbattery

Canada has vast energy resources. But then, so does Venezuela. That’s no guarantee the lights will stay on with moonbats in control. Fortunately, Alberta is pushing back against Justin Trudeau and the rest of the leftists running the federal government, who want Canadians to freeze in the dark in obeisance to their climate cult:

Alberta’s United Conservative government has invoked its controversial Sovereignty Act for the first time by introducing a resolution to push back against the federal government’s proposed Clean Electricity Regulations.

The resolution calls for ignoring insane federal energy mandates to the extent law allows.

The Clean Electricity Regulations, currently in draft form, lay out the rules for getting Canada’s electricity grid to net zero emissions by 2035.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith says the deadline is impossible for the province to meet without risking blackouts and high costs for consumers.

Blackouts and high costs will be par for the course if liberals maintain control. See California for details.

Hats off to Danielle Smith:

If pushback continues, Trudeau may fall back upon the Emergencies Act to impose martial law, as he did when there was resistance to his Covid tyranny.

At least Covid actually existed. The climate crisis that supposedly necessitates depriving Canadians of reliable and affordable energy is an imaginary contrivance.

Expect similar conflict on the US side of the border — unless Americans are content to go without electricity for the sake of liberal ideology.

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