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Oct 20 2020

Candace Owens Educates Angry 50 Cent Fans

A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for skyrocketing taxes. People are expected to support this, on the grounds that only “the rich” will have to pay, and they deserve to be looted because envy. Rapper 50 Cent balked at the stratospheric combined state/federal tax rates Biden would inflict to fund pernicious lunacy like some variation on the Green New Deal. He even called for people to vote for Trump, despite swallowing the mainstream media lie that “Trump doesn’t like black people.”

As they have been trained to do, his fan base turned on him, denouncing him as a traitor who sold out to his fellow rich people. But it wasn’t 50 Cent who betrayed them. It was the public schools, which should have been teaching them economics instead of Marxist bumper stick slogans.

Candace Owens fills a gap in their education by explaining some of the reasons that “tax cuts for the rich” benefit everyone, not exclusively or even primarily the rich:

If Democrat levels of taxation hurt the rich and only the rich, why do so many rich people support Democrats? By default, the GOP has become the party of the middle class and working class. The Democrat Party represents identity politics groups and the zillionaire elitists of Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood.

Most everything you see in the liberal establishment media was put there at the behest of wealthy corporations. They all want you to vote Democrat. Too few people wonder why.

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