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Apr 02 2023

Carbon Offsets Confirmed as Swindle

In Cult of Climate Change, buying carbon offsets is the equivalent of buying indulgences from the church in the Medieval times. The practice allows corporations to posture greenly and comply with government mandates while doing nothing likely to influence the supposedly problematic weather.

Via Frontpage Mag:

For example, makers of actual cars were forced to buy credits from Tesla by California so that working-class drivers were financing luxury car owners. Airlines now routinely announce that they’re buying offsets which means a portion of your ticket is going to pay off some company that is supposedly doing some environmentally sound. Your power company buys credits resold by some company that’s supposedly running wind farms in Wyoming (that nobody needs) which doesn’t mean that you’re using wind power, but that you’re paying for someone else to use wind power to atone for your use of fossil fuels.

This is such an obvious scam that even the blindered moonbats at The Guardian noticed earlier this year:

The forest carbon offsets approved by the world’s leading certifier and used by Disney, Shell, Gucci and other big corporations are largely worthless and could make global heating worse, according to a new investigation.

The research into Verra, the world’s leading carbon standard for the rapidly growing $2bn (£1.6bn) voluntary offsets market, has found that, based on analysis of a significant percentage of the projects, more than 90% of their rainforest offset credits – among the most commonly used by companies – are likely to be “phantom credits” and do not represent genuine carbon reductions.

This is good news for plant life, as CO2 helps it to grow. However, according to leftist ideology, carbon causes climate chaos.

Only a handful of Verra’s rainforest projects showed evidence of deforestation reductions, according to two studies, with further analysis indicating that 94% of the credits had no benefit to the climate.

The less gullible might assume this number to be 100%. Good thing the forests weren’t really in such peril anyway:

The threat to forests had been overstated by about 400% on average for Verra projects, according to analysis of a 2022 University of Cambridge study.

If only offset posturing merely had no effect. Actually, it does harm:

Human rights issues are a serious concern in at least one of the offsetting projects. The Guardian visited a flagship project in Peru, and was shown videos that residents said showed their homes being cut down with chainsaws and ropes by park guards and police. They spoke of forced evictions and tensions with park authorities.

More recently, Bloomberg has admitted that South Pole, the world’s leader in selling carbon offsets with a valuation approaching $1 billion, is basically a swindle.

What do you expect? The very concept of carbon offsets is a swindle.

No matter how obvious the scam, don’t expect Big Government to let go of it soon. Climate offsets are too lucrative:

Imagine if Tony Soprano forced everyone in his neighborhood to buy “breathing credits” from him, which grant you the privilege to breathe a certain amount of air. And that, naturally, it would cost Tony Soprano nothing to create as many of these “breathing credits” as he wanted. He could also hand them out to his friends and others who did favors for him, creating a corrupt patronage system.

This is basically what governments plan to do with carbon credits. Except they are also gaslighting you by telling you they are helping save the planet.

Government can get away with more evil by pretending to do good.

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