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Apr 05 2023

Bill Gates Blows $4.8 Million on Masks for Cows

Like they say about a fool and his money:

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation this month awarded a $4.8 million grant to a company that sells “smart” face masks for cows.

A $4,762,834 grant, to be exact.

ZELP, which stands for Zero Emissions Livestock Project, claims its artificial intelligence (AI) mask technology for livestock will reduce methane emissions — considered to be a main greenhouse gas — and curb climate change.

If you think masks look stupid on moonbats wallowing in Covid hysteria, imagine seeing them on cows.

As for the AI component, the masks have sensors that collect data.

“Our AI is trained to detect heat, flag welfare conditions, and identify the most efficient animals with a high-level of accuracy,” ZELP said.

There isn’t much that moonbats don’t want to monitor.

Here’s how ZELP makes money by suffocating cows:

ZELP — which collaborates with the agricultural giant Cargill — makes its money by leasing the smart masks out to farmers and by selling carbon offset credits

Carbon offsets are a swindle that will increasingly be imposed on a coercive basis by greedy Big Government. Only fools pay for climate cult posturing on a voluntary basis.

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