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Sep 21 2021

Carl Clemons-Hopkins Makes History

Long ago, the entertainment industry presented us with people we liked. Now, it shoves down our throats people we are supposed to like for leftist social engineering purposes — like Carl Clemons-Hopkins:

Carl Clemons-Hopkins became the first non-binary person to be nominated for best supporting actor at the 73rd Emmy Awards on Sunday.

You need an edge to win these awards. For some, just having the right skin color isn’t enough.

To celebrate, the “Hacks” actor walked the red carpet in a custom Christian Siriano outfit inspired by the non-binary flag, according to the designer. The actor’s white button-down shirt, black trousers, purple belt, and purple and yellow train featured the colors of the flag.

Siriano lisps that “it will definitely go down as one of my most memorable looks that really has a meaningful purpose behind it.”

Like everything that comes at us through the liberal establishment media these days, it does indeed have a meaningful purpose behind it. That malevolent purpose is to subvert, corrupt, defile, and make disgusting every aspect of American society in the name of moonbattery.

The actor’s tasteless costume is explicitly intended to undermine “the heteronormative standard,” according to his stylist Jyotisha Bridges.

If this really is our culture now, the ChiCom conquest is overdue.

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