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Apr 18 2021

CDC: Transsexuals Spread HIV at High Rates

In the past, authorities discouraged degeneracy and depravity rather than promoting them. Those were healthier times. A fad driven by the media/Democrat Party is for men to live as if they were women. Even the lefties at Axios admit that such men have been “contracting HIV at extremely high rates” according to a study by the progressive technocrats at the CDC.

From the study:

This report describes data from 1,608 transgender women [i.e., men posing as women] who participated in NHBS [National HIV Behavioral Surveillance] in 2019 and early 2020…

In 2019–2020, 42% of participants with a valid NHBS HIV test result tested positive for HIV…

Blacks comprise 13% of the US population, but 35% of the transgendered persons in this urban-based study, which found an HIV prevalence of 65% among black transsexuals. That’s how we know that HIV is racist.

The spread of HIV, which causes lethal AIDS, is largely through condomless anal sex, a holy rite among segments of the Democrat-voting community.

The study found that being transsexual is also associated with incarceration, poverty, and homelessness. Yet our liberal overlords continue to promote it aggressively, in particular to children.

The alarming findings are couched in terms suggesting that transsexuals are oppressed and therefore entitled to special treatment. The misery they inflict on themselves through their decadent behavior is blamed on “discrimination.”

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