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Aug 15 2023

Chainsaw Buoy Hate Hoax

Texas has impeded Biden’s objective of displacing the American population with a gargantuan influx of illegal immigration from the Third World. But the Regime does not accept resistance passively. Texas defends the border with razor wire; the federal government cuts the wire to let invaders through. Texas places buoys in the Rio Grande to prevent illegal crossings; Democrats respond with a lawsuit and a hate hoax:

Nothing pulls on the heartstrings like white supremacists using chainsaw buoys to hack apart put-upon immigrants who only want to achieve a better life through intergenerational careers of voting for Democrats for a living.

Once again, their lies fail to pass the laugh test. Here’s what former US Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott has to say about the buoys:

“When I was Chief, USBP tested numerous variations of buoy barrier features to include what some are calling a ‘saw’ blade,” Scott said. “It is actually called a passive radial disc. It is an anti-climb deterrent and was tested by USBP in 2020 and determined to be passive and make climbers uncomfortable but would not break skin or injure a person.”

We would be well within our rights to defend the border with mines and machine guns. However,

“During testing, USBP personnel jumped on top of it from different platforms without issue. The teeth were designed to avoid injuring illegal aliens,” Scott said.

Liberals dishonestly blame the buoys for dead illegal aliens continuing to turn up in the river as they have for decades. If there were any serious indication that a drug trafficker, child sex slave trafficker, welfare colonist, or anyone else was killed by the buoys, believe me we would know about it.

Please welcome Democrat congresscritter Joaquin Castro to the Hate Hoax List.


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