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Jul 26 2023

Biden Regime Sues to Stop Texas From Defending Border

Texas is run by patriotic Americans willing to defend the country from foreign invasion. Unfortunately, the artillery fire supporting the invasion is coming from behind — this time in the form of a Department of Injustice lawsuit:

The Biden DOJ claims the marine floating barriers state officials have installed in the Rio Grande are unauthorized and in violation of federal law.

Invading the USA really is a violation of federal law. For the unscrupulous, the convenient thing about law is that it only matters if enforced.

The 1,000-foot barrier is made up of interconnected inflatable sphere buoys four feet wide that can be shifted and extended. When grabbed, the buoys spin, thereby preventing individuals from climbing over.

Governor Abbott is ready to take the defense of his state and the country all the way to the Supreme Court. You can see why liberals want to pack it with Merrick Garland types.

As if trying to top the hypocrisy of Hunter Biden’s lawyer’s ethics complaint and the State Department’s denunciation of Cambodia’s rulers for behaving like Democrats, the witless fox ostensibly in charge of the henhouse (namely, Border Czarina Kamala Harris) responded by calling Abbott “un-American.”

The United States is undergoing a full-scale invasion of historic proportion. The obvious purpose of facilitating this foreign conquest is to displace the American population. Nothing Julius and Ethel Rosenberg did was more blatantly treasonous.

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